Coronavirus: Iran is facing a major challenge controlling the outbreak

LATEST: Live coverage of developments EASY STEPS: What can I do? A SIMPLE GUIDE: What are the symptoms? MAPS AND CHARTS: Visual guide to the outbreak VIDEO: The 20-second hand wash Many countries, including China, Turkey, Germany, France, UK, Japan, Qatar, the UAE, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Russia have sent aid packages.

A working parent’s shelter-in-place quandary: Keep paying for childcare you can’t use?

Then came the grenade in her inbox: an email from Charlie’s school in Berkeley, asking parents to pay April’s tuition bill — or at least make a donation — for a service they couldn’t use. This week, the majority of Bay Area counties ordered preschools and child care facilities to close their doors to everyone […]

U.S. might rethink Iran sanctions in light of coronavirus outbreak -Pompeo

“Even close U.S. allies, such as Britain, are calling on the Trump administration to ease sanctions that are inhibiting shipment of medical supplies and humanitarian aid to Iran’s 80 million people,” he wrote. “Yet Pompeo appears to view the epidemic as a handy means to compound ‘maximum pressure.’ To what end?” (Reporting by Arshad Mohammed […]

Coronavirus live updates: Newsom helps out health care and essential workers, offering child care options

2:37 p.m. Trump says captain’s letter to sound alarm about coronavirus on Navy ship “not appropriate”: In response to a question about Navy Capt. Brett Crozier, a Santa Rosa native who was relieved of command of the Theodore Roosevelt this week after sounding the alarm about an outbreak of the coronavirus on the ship, President […]

China’s toxic lackey: Once a Mugabe apologist, this week he boasted of his friendship with Lady Gaga. The head of the WHO stands accused of putting lives at risk by parroting China’s lies and failing to expose it’s cover-ups, writes IAN BIRRELL

The WHO has been criticised for spending more on travel than tackling some of the biggest health issues. Set up in 1948, it has huge responsibility, from curbing obesity to preparing for global emergencies, but like other UN organisations often struggles to balance rival national interests.

‘Will do all we can’: How PM Modi responded to Trump’s request on Covid-19 drug

According to government sources, India is stockpiling the drug for its population in the event of a worst case scenario and will lift the export control order only after it has enough to take care of all Indians. Other countries are also doing the same. India is one of the largest manufacturers of hydroxychloroquine, which […]

Indians studying abroad turning down overseas offers for job back home

When Madhav Verma completed his masters in management studies from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business about a year ago, the 25-year-old information technology engineer, who cherishes an ambition of starting his own fund, decided to take up a job in India. Despite having a few lucrative offers in the US, Verma decided to return […]

VIRUS RAGES 6 DAYS INTO SHUTDOWN: Lagos, Abuja lockdown compromised

“But now that it has been imposed, I expect government at federal and state levels to actualize the various promises to cushion the pains of the people through practical and urgent implementation of the various socio-economic relief packages, while also ensuring adequate security measures are in place.

Party factions, antisemitism … and a global pandemic: Keir Starmer’s in-tray

Shadow cabinet Starmer’s first shadow cabinet will be a key early decision and reveal the extent to which he wants to change course or carry on with Corbyn’s team. John McDonnell and Diana Abbott are both stepping down, but what of other Corbyn allies such as Ian Lavery and Richard Burgon? And will Starmer opt […]

Coronavirus: Sixteen confirmed cases in Northern Ireland

EASY STEPS: How to keep safe A SIMPLE GUIDE: What are the symptoms? CONTAINMENT: What it means to self-isolate HEALTH MYTHS: The fake advice you should ignore MAPS AND CHARTS: Visual guide to the outbreak Speaking after a meeting of the EU Council, Taoiseach (Irish PM) Leo Varadkar said leaders agreed their highest priority “must […]