The Myth of the Central Park Five

Looking back at the case, one of the most striking things to me is procedural: Moseley was convicted in June, 1964, for a murder he committed in March. That would be considered breakneck speed by modern standards, especially in the Bronx, where cases often linger for four or five years. The other is psychological, the […]

Venice Film Festival 2020: The Best Movies According To The Critics

The Venice Film Festival wraps today after putting on a show against the odds. Despite lacking in studio fare, there was no shortage of well-received movies. Was there a Sundance-style bounce, with critics giddy just to be on the Lido after months of lockdown? Perhaps. But this was also a solid roster of independent movies. While […]

Indian consumers are using voice technology to get things done. Brands are you listening?

By Sreeraman ThiagarajanWhat do you think of when you picture humans talking to their devices and using voice to command machines? If you are like most of us, you are probably imagining a futuristic Star Trek like scenario where man-machine interactions occur as if by magic. But the reality is quite different, because voice-enabled assistants […]