Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer says their mother Frances was not cut out for maternity

French-born Greg, who popped the question on 22 July, planned the proposal to a tee. The couple enjoyed a romantic lunch and spent the day by the pool before going back to their room, where Greg had arranged for rose petals and champagne to be set up.

Biases Are Neither All Good nor All Bad

Some biases are hardwired into us from evolution, as I discussed in reference to error management theory. Other biases are learned through socialization (e.g., a tendency to accept the religious beliefs of one’s upbringing) or direct experience (e.g., being more accepting of medical advice from a doctor than an auto mechanic). Still other biases are […]

Dear Oliver Dowden, have you even begun to grasp the scale of our arts crisis?

So what are you and your team at the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport doing to reassure the arts community and provide a concrete plan of action? Well so far you have come up with a five-phase roadmap for the performing arts that is worse than useless. Sam Goldwyn said that “a verbal […]

Puyo Puyo Tetris 2’s New Adventure Mode Has An Overworld And New Game Modes

Item Cards can be earned throughout Puyo Puyo Tetris 2’s Adventure Mode, which will give you special abilities in Skill Battles. You’ll be able to unlock characters, levels, and backgrounds through these battles, too, through credits that can be spent at the in-game shop.

The Best (Sex) Is Yet to Come?

In a new study, just published in The Journal of Sex Research, Dr. Gore-Gorszewska recruited 30 men and women between the age of 65 and 82 years old (the average age was 71.4 years old) living in Poland. Half the participants reported that they did not have a partner at the time of the study, […]

The government’s plan for UK theatre is vague and demoralising – here’s what we need

Last Friday the government released its “roadmap” for reopening UK theatres. There is just one problem: it’s woefully vague with no dates or hard information – or anything of practical use – and it has demoralised everyone I’ve spoken to in the industry. What good is a road map when you don’t know whether the […]

New Wave Singer Gary Numan ‘Memba Him?!

English artist Gary Numan (real name Gary Anthony James Webb) gained international fame in the early ’80s with his new wave sound and catchy lyrics on songs like “Cars,” “M.E.” and “Metal” from his 1979 debut solo album The Pleasure Principle.

India’s Modi faces turbulent session as Parliament reopens

It includes laying out measures to revive an economy that shrank by nearly 24% in the last quarter, the most of any major country, and trying to stop a virus surge worsened by a weak and underfunded healthcare system. Other moves could be attempted to mitigate rising unemployment and solve a bitter military standoff with […]

‘Wolfwalkers’ Review: What Big Eyes You’ll Have Watching Tomm Moore’s Environmental Fairy Tale

Now it’s up to these two girls, whose blooming friendship is one of the movie’s greatest pleasures, to rescue Moll (captured by the Lord Protector at some point off-screen) and convince Bill that perhaps he’s fighting for the wrong side. The earlier “Pocahontas” comparison is apt in that regard, as both films depict the colonizing […]

Shibani Dandekar’s Wikipedia Page Vandalized After Her War Of Words With Ankita Lokhande

Amid the war of words between Shibani and Ankita, Shibani’s Wikipedia page was vandalized by some unknown sources. She was dubbed as a ‘gold digger’ and her career was described as ‘flop’. The page was restored, only to be vandalised again after a few hours.