China sanctions approved by US House as Pelosi calls Hong Kong security law ‘horrific’

Pelosi, a fierce critic of Chinese human rights violations, said: “All freedom-loving people must condemn this horrific law” imposed by China, adding that it was specifically intended to “dismantle democratic freedoms in Hong Kong”.

Controversial Hong Kong national security law comes into effect

The law was published just after it went into effect at 11pm on Tuesday. Its implementation comes less than 40 days after Beijing stunned residents and the international community with its plan to impose the law on Hong Kong, bypassing the city’s own legislature, as a way to halt anti-government and pro-democracy protests that have […]

‘This book will shake the world’

Their home life certainly seems serene. Halliday works in an office off the kitchen, and Chang upstairs – they meet for lunch to exchange ideas. Surely they must have rowed occasionally? “No, we’ve argued about things – but we never fought.” But it can’t have been easy sharing their life with a despot for more […]

Coronavirus digest: German children start new school year amid pandemic

Meanwhile, renowned veteran Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan, who was taken to hospital on July 11 with his son Abhishek after testing positive for the disease, has been discharged from hospital in Mumbai. In a tweet, he thanked the staff at Nanavati Hospital for his recovery.

Coronavirus digest: Intensive care cases in Belgium double in a month

Some islands in the northern state of Schleswig-Holsten also returned to school on Monday. The city of Hamburg will follow suit on Thursday, with schools in Berlin, the surrounding state of Brandenburg, as well as the western state of North Rhine Westphalia due to join next week.

Coronavirus latest: Europe opens up for tourism

Coronavirus: The consequences for tourism Stricter face mask wearing rules on the Balearic Islands On Mallorca and the other Balearic Islands, the regulations for wearing face masks have been tightened. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, mouth and nose protection must be worn from July 13th in all enclosed public spaces as well as […]

TikTok ‘will open a London HQ after move is approved by ministers’ risking major row with Donald Trump over Chinese app

It was not immediately clear what changed Trump’s mind. Banning TikTok would alienate many of its young users ahead of the U.S. presidential election in November, and would likely trigger a wave of legal challenges. Several prominent Republican lawmakers put out statements in the last two days urging Trump to back a sale of TikTok […]