Metal detectorist unearths staggering £100,000 silver coin hoard in field behind his local pub

“I waited in my car watching all night making sure no-one tried to sneak in and take the hoard. Even now I am a bit paranoid.”

Twitter accidentally tells all iOS users they can limit replies to their tweets

The feature has been one of Twitter’s more interesting changes in recent months, creating new memes and ways to talk on the platform. Reply limiting can be a great way to avoid harassment, but it can also be used to limit conversations in a way that feels counterintuitive to Twitter’s most basic functions.

Destiny 2’s Solstice of Heroes returns, but you’ll need to pay for the best armor

This year’s Solstice runs from 11 August to 8 September, meaning it kicks off with next Tuesday’s weekly reset. Once again, the European Aerial Zone activity returns, where teams of three guardians must clear waves of enemies, defeat bosses, and open chests against the clock. It’s fairly simple, but not un-fun—and as I said there’s […]

IPL 2020: 10 Indian Premier League things you won’t see in UAE

SOP: BCCI is working with numerous agencies including the Emirates Cricket Board (ECB), UAE authorities, medical experts, among others to look at conducting IPL 2020 behind closed doors. These guidelines may be amended from time to time as may be required depending on the existing COVID-19 situation in the country and the guidelines issued by […]

Where you score on the ‘Man Box’ scale reveals risk of mental illness and violence

A man shouldn’t have to do household chores. Men should use violence to get respect if necessary. A real man should have as many sexual partners as he can. A man who talks a lot about his worries, fears and problems shouldn’t really get respect. A gay guy is not a “real man.” Researchers at […]

Kakadu national park: what to do, where to go, what to see

It’s getting late in the day so we head back to Kakadu and have a fish at the crossing. No bites for us, but others are luckier. We move on to Ubirr, a star attraction. We amble through the rock art displays before a short scramble to the top of the rock. It’s a spectacular, […]

Lorry driver who killed two checked Facebook on his phone moments before smashing into minibus

He went on to have a six-minute hands-free phone conversation with his partner before Majury unlocked his phone again a minute before the crash.

London offices evacuated and hundreds of staff sent home as NHS drafts extra 111 helpline staff for coronavirus chaos

He told BBC News: “Those have been to Northern Italy, anybody that has been to Italy north of Pisa should, if they have flu like symptoms, should self isolate – which means go home and try to stay out of contact with other people.

Boeing could conduct 737 MAX test flight next week: reports

The crashes cost the American passenger jet manufacturer billions of dollars and led to the resignation of its former chief executive Dennis Muilenburg, who repeatedly gave overly optimistic predictions of when the plane could return to service.

AAA Study Says Driver Assistance Systems Need Work, Unreliable

AAA’s 2020 automated vehicle survey found that only one in ten drivers (12%) would trust riding in a self-driving car. To increase consumer confidence in future automated vehicles, it is important that car manufacturers perfect functionality as much as possible – like active driving assistance systems available now – before deployment in a larger fleet […]