Lily Collins and boyfriend Charlie McDowell take adorable pup Redford for walk in LA during coronavirus lockdown

She also shared some heartfelt advice, writing: ‘Remember to keep yourself and others safe by social distancing – even if you’re young and healthy – and be proactive by helping the more vulnerable people around you and stay in.’

‘What are you doing, Matilda!’ Gordon Ramsay is HORRIFIED as he finds out his daughter, 18, is on a date with Gino D’Acampo’s son Luciano when they FaceTime him while out for dinner

Joking about whether there was going to be an arranged marriage any time soon, Jonathan told the audience: ‘It is Gino’s son who is by the way is a very handsome man – I think Gino isn’t the father.’

Could YOUR family become an online isolation idol? From the ‘Von Trapps of Kent’ to a stir-crazy mum, our coronavirus lockdown is making stars of some VERY unlikely people…

The choral quartet — featuring a bass, tenor, soprano and alto — worked on the lyrics together, choosing Psalm 151 as a favourite among worshippers unable to get together. With no choir robes available, they donned dressing gowns for the video.

Savannah Guthrie reveals she is back to working from home so she can ‘stick close to her family’ just days after returning to the Today studio – as Hoda Kotb continues to film at NBC

‘And the other thing is, if you’re sick at all, the CDC is saying this is the time to stay home, and so, I had to admit it, and you know me, I like to come rain or shine and spread my germs around, but we don’t do that anymore. We stay home, and we […]

Hilary Duff Jokingly Reveals 2-Month-Old Daughter Banks ‘Already Learned That Boys Have Cooties’

The proud new dad also shared the exciting news, writing, “Banks Violet Bair /// 10.25.18 /// We welcome a beautiful daughter, little sister, and best friend for life. Could not possibly be more grateful for our growing family and for the 🍊 who makes it all possible. Cloud ten.”

Hilary Duff Flashes Abs While Holding 2-Month-Old Daughter: ‘My Little Struggle Bunny’

On Friday, she posted an adorable photo of her two kids spending some quality time together. In the photo, Duff’s son Luca— whose father is former NHL player Mike Comrie — leans in and lovingly kisses his infant sister on the cheek, but Banks seemingly was not having any of her big brother’s affections.

Hilary Duff Says Her Son Luca’s ‘Sweet’ Bond with Her Daughter Banks Helped Ease Her Mom Guilt

“A newborn needs their mom so much, and so much of that time is sitting and nursing. You’re kind of incapable of physically doing anything else with another child,” the 32-year-old actress — who’s partnering with Kohl’s for their Amazing Moms Contest (open now through April 15) — tells PEOPLE exclusively. “[My son] Luca was […]

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Go on a Mother-Daughter Vacation Gone Wrong in

All seems to be going well until Schumer and Hawn get drugged and abducted by a group of locals. The two must work together and overcome their differences in order to try and escape their captors.

‘Bachelor’ alum Michelle Money pleads for prayers a week after daughter’s skateboarding accident

Money also wrote: “It’s Sunday. However you choose to spend your day, I would please ask that at 4 pm MST, you will stop and pray with my family and me. It would also be amazing if you could just pray all day. Sorry for the emotional video I just don’t know what else to […]

Child abuse fears increase as families isolate during coronavirus pandemic

At the same time, some state and local agencies are reporting a drop in reports of potential child abuse — raising concerns that abuse is continuing at home outside of the view of teachers or social workers, who are mandated by law to report it. In Illinois, the Department of Children and Family Services reported […]