In living color! Student brings old images of famous people including Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and a young David Attenborough to life by colorizing them using oil paints

Leading Nazi politician Joseph Goebbels is seen in 1933 staring fiercely at photographer Albert Eisenstaedt after discovering he was Jewish. Eisenstaedt himself is quoted as saying: ‘He stared at me with hate in his eyes’

Spain’s former king leaving country amid financial scandal

ALSO READ: School feeding programme gulps over N500m during Lockdown – Minister The companion, Corinna Larsen, is a Danish-German businesswoman long linked by Spanish media to the former king. Spanish prosecutors have asked her to provide testimony in the case in September in Madrid.

Muslim Brotherhood leader hits out at Britain after Sisi sworn in

Academics have also been asked for their views, though many are sceptical. “It is a ridiculous exercise,” said one. “They already know the Brotherhood inside out. They’ve been in the UK for years. This is all about pressure from the Saudis and others. Now they have to come up with a review, but there will […]

Former Monarch Juan Carlos to Be Available to Prosecution Despite Leaving Spain, Lawyer Says

“H.M. [His Majesty] King D. Juan Carlos has instructed me to announce that despite his decision to move outside of Spain at the moment, he will, in any case, remain at the disposal of the prosecution for whatever procedure or action it considers appropriate”, Sanchez-Junco said, according to La Vanguardia newspaper. Earlier in the day, […]