Hamptons rental homes soar from $5,000 a month to $30,000 as NYC’s richest flee the city and flock to the wealthy enclave, almost doubling the town’s numbers, and sending coronavirus cases spiraling to over 7,000

‘I will still say NYC should contain and not allow traveling outside of the city. The city is the epicenter, and by moving people out is only going to infect others . It may also start to decrease the numbers downstate and increase numbers in upstate. We all need to continue to follow guidelines of […]

British Airways scraps its dividend and furloughs over 30,000 staff on 80 per cent pay in desperate bid to survive the worst crisis in its history

One tweeted today: ‘Their customer service is non existent and are trying to hold onto the money that their customers work so hard for! This is a global pandemic that is affecting everyone. It’s been 3 weeks. That’s 21 days. I am in need of a refund not a voucher for another flight’.  

London’s property prices leads to exodus of early 30s

“People assume London’s economy has been running away from the rest of the UK since the financial crisis. But London’s economic growth is purely down to its population explosion, with hospitality replacing banking as the big growth sector in the capital. Sectors that have traditionally powered London’s productivity growth, from finance to IT, are if […]

A last hurrah for banknotes as UK switches to mobile and card payment

Meanwhile, even those who have declared war on cash warn about the losers. Birch says: “There’s a class issue here. A lot of middle-class people already go from one day to the next without using cash. About the only time they use lots of cash is to pay a builder to avoid VAT. Poorer people […]

The Twenty Years’ War

The fourth phase of the Twenty Years’ War, from 2007-2011, was the surge era, a time of fragile recovery. The deployment of U.S. reinforcements in Iraq, together with the “Awakening” movement, which involved Washington allying with Sunni tribes against AQI (by now rebranded as the Islamic State of Iraq), helped to pull Iraq back from […]

Stunning celeb lockdown homes uncovered – from £14,000 saunas to fully-stocked bars

“[The thief] did get away with some electronic items and jewellery but it’s more the fear of someone being at her home which has upset Kelly,” a source told the Daily Mail.

‘Sell one of your yachts!’: Outrage as billionaire Sir Philip Green asks for taxpayer help to pay emergency wages to 14,500 workers he has furloughed

Yesterday British Airways confirmed plans to suspend more than 30,000 staff – roughly three-quarters of its workforce – until the end of May. Those furloughed include the vast majority of cabin crew, ground staff, engineers and those working at head office. Thousands of pilots have already been suspended with a 50 per cent pay cut. 

Thousands of gay men in UK to be pardoned for now-abolished sex offenses

On Friday Parliament is set to debate a bill by MP John Nicolson which proposes a blanket pardon be applied to everyone living so that they don’t have to go through the disregard process via the UK’s Home Office.

‘It’s a struggle’: the small business owners trying to survive coronavirus lockdown

“It’s a struggle. I’ve got about £68,000 worth of work sitting on the shop floor because I can’t install them. I’ve deferred all payments for about three months which will just about keep us alive for the same amount of time. I won’t be able to pay my supplier invoices from March so I hope […]

‘A rabbit always has to run’: Spanish rangers fear for lives after double murder

Though smaller and younger than its Spanish counterpart, the French National Hunting and Wildlife Office is all too aware of the dangers its agents endure, which is why they carry Glock pistols. A monument at its headquarters is engraved with the names of the 76 French rangers who have been killed in the line of […]