Neeraj Pandey is open to Special Ops sequel with or without Himmat Singh: ‘The first chapter is over for sure’

What is he guided by when he mixes fact and fiction? “The narrative,” he answers, “It will tell you how to go about your job. Starting point for me is the tenacity of one man – Himmat — over 19-20 years and it is a beautiful lens. People can take away whatever they want but […]

MI5: Ken McCallum appointed new boss

The day I tried to be an MI5 spook What did the Skripal attack mean for the UK and Russia? Queen thanks MI5 agents for their ‘tireless work’ Originally from Glasgow, Mr McCallum spent his first years at MI5 focusing on Northern Ireland-related terrorism, and later specialised in countering Islamist extremist terrorism.

Graeme Simsion, Jane Caro, Ginger Gorman and others on what they’re reading in February

In Imperfect, I explored whether my sense that appearance, even when it is more “normal” than mine, goes deeper than skin is something that other people experience generally. I concluded it is. I also explored what we can do when the way our bodies shape us isn’t in sync with our wishes. My own imperfect […]

Fearful neighbours look on as Iraq’s Kurds stake claim to nationhood

But including Kirkuk and other areas to the south, which remain disputed between Kurds and Arabs was an “inflammatory” move that forced Baghdad to react with hostility, the observers say. “It was much more in their face. There has been no unity, no logic, no rollout of the plan. This strengthens the hand of the […]

DoD isolating critical troops and commanders to be ready in a crisis amid pandemic

“We are isolating specific command personnel involved in critical mission areas, including homeland defense functions,” a US military official at the command told CNN. “To ensure we remain capable of defending the homeland despite the pandemic, our command and control watch teams here in the headquarters split into shifts.” Some of the watch teams are […]