Michelle Obama, Sanders, Kasich to be featured on first night of Democratic convention: report

Sen. Elizabeth WarrenElizabeth WarrenHuffPost reporter: Biden’s VP shortlist doesn’t suggest progressive economic policies Hillary Clinton labels Trump coronavirus executive actions a ‘stunt’ Michelle Obama, Sanders, Kasich to be featured on first night of Democratic convention: report MORE (D-Mass.) and 2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary ClintonHillary Diane Rodham ClintonHillary Clinton labels Trump coronavirus executive actions a ‘stunt’ […]

Everything you’ve heard about picking a vice president is wrong

Trump goes with Pence because he believes Pence, a former member of Congress, can work with the Washington establishment (and serve as a validator for Trump among that skittish group). Clinton picks Kaine because he is a competent bureaucrat who has spent time in the executive and legislative worlds and who, not for nothing, shares […]

‘Becoming’ Director Nadia Hallgren On Traveling The World With Michelle Obama For Emmy-Nominated Documentary

“The idea that the Obamas were held to a different standard in the White House was not only important for me to tell that story, but it was important for Mrs. Obama as well,” Hallgren shares. “Part of what she hoped to do with writing her book, as well as making this film, was to […]

Willie Brown: Kamala Harris should ‘politely decline’ any offer to be Biden’s running mate

Biden has promised to name a woman as his running mate. In addition to Harris, other contenders reportedly include Sens. Tammy DuckworthLadda (Tammy) Tammy DuckworthHillary Clinton labels Trump coronavirus executive actions a ‘stunt’ Michelle Obama, Sanders, Kasich to be featured on first night of Democratic convention: report Biden campaign says no VP pick yet after […]

The Senate Is America’s Most Structurally Racist Institution

The Senate’s pro-white bias is a problem the political system is only beginning to absorb. When Barack Obama urged his party to honor John Lewis’s civil-rights legacy by passing a bill to guarantee democratic reforms like voting rights, statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C., and an end to the filibuster, which he called a “relic […]

Fact check: Inaccurate claims about salaries for U.S. presidents in retirement, Congress members, army soldiers and senior citizens.

Facebook posts shared tens of thousands of times claim that retired U.S. presidents are paid an annual salary of $450,000 for life, U.S. Senate and House of Representative members get $174,000 annually for life, the speaker of the House receives $223,500 annually for life, while the Senate majority leader, Senate minority leader and the House minority leader are each paid $194,400 annually for life. Meanwhile, the […]

North Korea suffers another Internet outage, hurls racial slur at Pres. Obama

With its latest response in the country’s on-going flap with the US, Agence France-Presse reports North Korea called President Barack Obama a “monkey” today. The racial slur comes after a recent double blow to North Korea: the country suffered yet another Internet outage Saturday and Sony officially released The Interview, its fictional Kim Jong-Un assassination film, on Thursday. North Korea has […]

Trump’s contempt for advice and consent

Not surprisingly, perhaps, conservatives on the Supreme Court have shared these concerns. In 2014, Justice Antonin Scalia deemed recess appointments (made while Congress is not in session), an “ignoble means of enabling the president to circumvent the Senate’s role in the appointment process.” Three years later, Justice Clarence ThomasClarence ThomasThe Hill’s Morning Report – Presented […]

Joe Concha slams WaPo reporter’s tweet on Trump, Obama executive orders: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

“Opinion is the sizzle that gets you viral and I think more and more reporters, journalists, like to share their feelings like a dear diary sort of entry because they know if it’s provocative enough, then that brings attention to them,” he concluded. “The celebrity aspect, the opinion aspect has taken over this business over facts.”

Many landmark restaurants, bars won’t reopen after virus

“Manny’s is a Chicago institution,” Axelrod tweeted. “I’ve been going there for forty years to clog my arteries and clear my head! If you’re looking for great deli in and around Chicago, give ’em a try! Food is delicious!!”