Iran’s nuclear chief Ali Akbar Salehi says uranium enrichment is progressing

Ali Akbar Salehi’s comments seem to show the country is moving ahead with its nuclear programme to fend off criticism by Iranian hardliners, who have called the deal a surrender to western pressure. The government of Iran’s new president, Hassan Rouhani, says the deal recognises Iran’s right to enrich uranium.

Iran nuclear deal means ‘surrender’ for western powers, says Rouhani

President Hassan Rouhani has praised a landmark nuclear deal struck in Geneva as a victory for Iran, telling a crowd it in effect meant the “surrender” of western powers to his country’s demands.

Nuclear talks showed US hostility towards Iran, says supreme leader

“We had announced previously that on certain issues, if we feel it is expedient, we would negotiate with the Satan [the US] to deter its evil,” he told a crowd of clerics and his followers from Qom, which devout Shia Muslims consider a holy city. “The nuclear talks showed the enmity of America against Iran, […]

Coronavirus infects 44% of Seneca Foods employees at Wisconsin plant

In addition to the Wisconsin National Guard, the Barron County health department has partnered with Family Health La Clinica to provide free testing services for seasonal and full-time employees of Seneca Foods and their household members or close contacts.

Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry Says Concerned Over Threats to Close Strait of Hormuz

The statement came amid growing tensions between Tehran and Washington, as earlier in April, the US blacklisted Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation, while the Islamic Republic retaliated by officially designating the US Central Command (CENTCOM) as terrorists.  

City Continues Tree Damage Pickup, Power Restoration Following Storm

To address tree damage throughout the community, the City will be providing an initial pass to clear damaged trees along the right of way. Additionally, a one-time special tree damage pickup for residents starting on Monday, Aug. 17 will be provided. This is for tree damage caused by the storm only; please do not include […]

Central Otago residents tell Dunedin to pick up the bill for power line work

“The number of outages we have, the length of the outages we have … then they had the major crisis in Clyde [in June] when they just about froze people to death for a day. Not only do they do those things, they don’t seem to have a shred of decency to recognise the distress […]

Saudi ex-spy chief’s lawsuit spotlights secret power plays

– ‘Politically risky’ – The dispatching of a kill squad to Canada at the height of the global outrage over Khashoggi’s murder, if confirmed, shows Aljabri is seen by Riyadh as “politically risky”, said Middle East expert Bessma Momani.


Radio frequency monitoring – Requiring a monitoring plan and tracking and recording daily levels of radio frequency emissions produced by 5G equipment;Noise monitoring — Requiring a written report that analyzes acoustic noise levels for small wireless facilities and all associated equipmentEnvironmental protection — Requiring a certification of a federal environmental assessment.Equipment restrictions – Requiring equipment, […]

Depts of school and higher education need to work closely to send every child to college: Sisodia

“We have seen seamless coordination between the DoE and the higher education department and we expect the same in the future as well. The director of higher education should be aware of the number of children in the first grade today so that accordingly, (s)he can plan for 12 years hence — how many seats […]