How to keep your information off the dark web

Security is an ever-changing process rather than a one-time project, and people must work together to get their security practices into shape. Remote work will likely remain the norm for a large proportion of businesses, even as the world continues to reopen its doors. The associated security challenges won’t simply disappear, but will likely rise […]

Facebook, Microsoft gripes with Apple’s App Store on EU’s antitrust radar

BRUSSELS (Reuters) – Facebook (FB.O) and Microsoft’s (MSFT.O) grievances over how their gaming apps appear on Apple’s (AAPL.O) App Store may feed into an EU investigation into the iPhone maker’s business as EU antitrust regulators said such concerns are on their radar.

Wall Street sees a bright side in ‘healthy’ tech selloff

Their optimism highlights how the Federal Reserve’s pledge to keep interest rates at record lows and hopes of a breakthrough in a vaccine for COVID-19 have underpinned market gains this year, though many remain wary that the U.S. presidential election and massive options bets on tech-related stocks could exacerbate market swings in the remaining months […]

What Is Telegram? The App ISIS Uses, Russians Love and Governments Hate

Telegram is “transforming more and more into a system of communication for terrorism” Dmitry Kiselyov, one of Russia’s most renowned state TV journalists—often ridiculed as a telepropagandist for the Kremlin— announced last week. His weekly programme, usually focusing on political events with a strongly pro-Putin slant, took a rare dive into the world of tech.

Here are some good flight simulator mods for you to enjoy

The Millennium Falcon and more That’s right. Modder Eggman28 has put together a roster of cool-ass ships — including your favorites from Star Wars and Star Trek — that you can drop into your copy of Flight Simulator 2020. (Eggman28 does, however, point out that the ships are… challenging to fly: “They are pretty rubbish […]

What Donald Trump and Reformer Martin Luther have in common

The show covers the specific role of different media forms in political communication, over five different eras: the invention of print, with a focus on how it led to the Reformation; the development of the press, and how it contributed to creating a bourgeois public sphere; radio broadcasting, and how Nazi Minister of Propaganda Joseph […]

In love with the graph: Neo4j spreads the obsession of a new database one app at a time

Lyft has petabytes of data and uses numerous production data stores, such as Hive, Presto, Redshift, and PostgreSQL. The problem, as Grover describes it, is that with the rapid growth of the company, people inside couldn’t always be sure as to which repository was the best source of a given piece of information. That includes […]

Is Lightning-Fast Plasma the Key to a Cleaner Car Engine?

A typical automotive engine combines air and gas in a combustion chamber and then ignites the mixture with a spark plug. This century-old technology is located in the combustion chamber and mounted near the top of the engine in the cylinder head. As the piston moves toward the top chamber, compressing the fuel-air mixture, the […]

Hate Social Media? You’ll Love This Documentary

The same feeling arises after watching The Social Dilemma, which arrives on Netflix today. The documentary takes aim at the humanity-crushing effects of social media, with footage of Harris’ presentation at the SFJazz Center woven throughout. Like that presentation, the documentary carries an air of gravitas. It prosecutes its case like a trial lawyer, calling […]

Watching for Arm-based Macs at WWDC 2020: Will Apple re-engine or re-imagine?

On the surface, it sounds like an awful lot of restrictions for a typical Mac user — but I don’t see the initial crop of Arm Mac users as regular Mac users. These aren’t heavy creative content professionals. If Apple intends these to be used primarily by consumers and business executives, it likely wants a […]