Ethan Is Supreme’s tragic cause of death as best friend says he battled addiction

“Snap your friends out of it before it’s to late. Get your friends REAL help before it’s to late. Ethan told me a week ago he wanted help…I wish I forced him I wish I yelled at him. I f**king wish I didn’t let him do pills in front of me. This pain is insane.

‘Self-love is the hardest thing’: Mary J. Blige says she’s learned to be her own ‘best friend’ during COVID-19 lockdown

She explained: ‘When you’re by yourself, you’re either going to be your own best friend and be honest and real with yourself, or you’re going to be your own worst enemy and deceive yourself. It’s been so clear to me that I am my best friend.’

‘You’re a manipulative little b***h!’ The Bachelor’s Bella Varelis turns on best friend Irena Srbinovksa… and fans are stunned by the one-time favourite’s epic meltdown

Added another: ‘Irena went into that convo wanting to patch things up and Bella was acting just like a little girl who hasn’t gotten what she wants…’

Former Gogglebox star Yvie Jones announces she is starting an exciting new project with her ‘best friend’… and it’s not Angie Kent

Carlin Sterritt slaps Angie Kent’s behind as they copy the… Angie Kent accuses Gogglebox cast of BULLYING in a lengthy… Yvie Jones reveals what it was really like filming Gogglebox… Gogglebox star Yvie Jones reveals she’s still battling an…

Best friends, 25 and 26, are making $33,000 A MONTH with their pure silk exfoliating glove that removes fake tan and leaves skin glowing in seconds

Still, My Glow 2 is among the few Victorian businesses at the epicentre of Australia’s second wave likely to benefit from the draconian measures, if online sales from the first phase of isolation are anything to go by.

Melania Trump lashes out at ‘delusional & malicious gossip’ after her former best friend’s book revealed her bitter rivalry with Ivanka and her secret email account

Using the detailed sketch her employee drew up of the platform on the East Front of the Capitol, where Trump was sworn in with his family and VIP guests behind him, Melania and Wolkoff were able to work out where the cameras would be located on and how the chairs for the family should be […]

Brad Pitt once engaged to Jennifer Aniston’s best friend

Paltrow, during her appearance at a Show, in 2015 revealed .”I think I was a kid and I wasn’t ready. He was too good for me. I honestly do think I was too young and didn’t know what I was doing.”

Best Prime Day iPhone Deals 2020: What to expect

Although Prime Day doesn’t come until next month, the rumor mill has been busy at work making predictions for Amazon’s annual blowout sale (and we’re no strangers to that, ourselves). After being delayed — Prime Day deals usually land in the summer — the big event is now landing neatly between Labor Day sales and […]

India Celebrated World Theatre Day

“I think most interesting for me was the active way of playing. You can get something about the story by seeing the actors” faces without knowing the language. What was interesting was the reaction of public. What I really got is people in Shimla like to laugh,” said Silke, a German tourist.

Pittsburgh Pirates Celebrate Roberto Clemente Day By Giving Back Off The Field

Today we join millions of baseball fans and Puerto Ricans in celebrating Roberto Clemente’s life and his immense contributions to baseball and equality. He was one of my all-time favorite players – Roberto had everything! #ClementeDay #Retire21