Up to 4,000 inmates could be released from jail early amid fears that Covid-19 could spread rapidly through crowded prisons leaving hospitals swamped

The first inmate to die, Edwin Hillier, was jailed for sex attacks on young girls in the 1970s. He was rushed to hospital with suspected sepsis on March 20 but post-mortem results showed he had also contracted coronavirus. 

Prison bosses now insist all inmates released early due to coronavirus crisis WILL be tagged after fears they could avoid electronic monitoring for up to 36 hours

They stress that no high-risk criminals, such as those who have been convicted of violent or sexual offences, anyone who is a national security concern or a danger to children – or those who have not served at least half of their custodial term, will be considered for release. 

15,000 inmates MUST be released to stop virus outbreak in prison, say jail and health chiefs

There are 19 prison staff in 12 jails who have contracted the virus as well as four prison escort and custody services staff. PHE had not responded to a request for comment.

Alabama issues statewide stay-home order starting Saturday

“We certainly don’t take this likely. It’s something that we’ve been considering for several days, but it’s only now that we feel like we’ve gotten all the information we need to do this and do it in the proper fashion,” Stimpson said in a video posted on Twitter.

Key Stanford Coronavirus Antibody Test Nears Release: Report

That’s according a San Francisco Chronicle report that says a blood test developed at Stanford that can tell whether a person has had the new coronavirus – and would likely have at least some degree of immunity – could be released in a matter of days.

UFC 249 odds, predictions: MMA insider releases picks for Gaethje vs. Ferguson, Andrade vs Namajunas 2

Much of the sports world has been halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, but UFC president Dana White is hoping to draw a mammoth television audience for UFC 249 on Saturday, April 18. The event’s location is unknown, but the plan reportedly is to continue producing fights from the same spot for the next two […]

Heartbreaking letter written by first federal inmate, 49, to die of COVID-19 – a man, 49, serving 27 years for non violent crimes – reveals how he pleaded with a judge for his release

‘On Friday, March 20, 2020, his condition declined and he was placed on a ventilator. On Saturday, March 28, 2020, Mr. Jones, who had long-term, pre-existing medical conditions which the CDC lists as risk factors for developing more severe COVID-19 disease, was pronounced dead by hospital staff’, they said in a statement. 

Conway Says Trump Is Officially Never Releasing His Tax Returns

Upon realizing that Trump has no intention of releasing his tax returns, WikiLeaks put out another call for someone to leak the documents. They noted that Trump breaking a decades-old tradition by refusing to release documents that could shed light on his vast business interests and potential conflicts of interest is even more egregious that […]

Mama June Shannon Mugshot Released After Crack Cocaine Possession Arrest

The arrest came after a domestic dispute call at an Alabama gas station where Doak allegedly threatened to kill Shannon. After he admitted to having a needle in his possession, police searched the vehicle and found crack cocaine. Mama June was then taken into custody.