The Walking Dead Villain Watch season 8, episode 14: Still Gotta Mean Something

But a season-ending climax is an opportunity to bring all the threads together, so in these final weeks, I’ll be analyzing the show through its presentation of Negan: how he acts, how he delivers his jokes and threats, and most importantly, how his character develops in contrast to our supposedly virtuous heroes. We’ll look at […]

‘Don’t make a fight where there isn’t a fight’: Kate Beckinsale shuts down ‘mean spirited’ All Lives Matter comment on her Instagram post about Breonna Taylor

The message which addressed the mayor of Louisville and was initially shared by Gloria Steinman, continued: ‘Tamika Palmer is Breonna’s mother, and her small request in the face of huge injustice is easily within your power as Mayor and human being: “I want justice for her. I want them to say her name. There’s no […]

‘Borderlands 3’ DLC 4 Release Time: When Does Psycho Krieg Come Out?

Level Cap Increase [All Players]: Regardless if you purchase the Krieg DLC or not, Borderlands 3 will be getting another level-cap increase, bringing the new maximum up to level 65. That means players will be in for yet another gear grind. However, Gearbox insists this will be the last Borderlands 3 level-cap increase for the […]

Does it matter to voters if Trump insults the military?

White supremacists are expected to be the greatest violent threat to America through the next year, according to a draft assessment by the Department of Homeland Security, first published by Lawfare. CNN’s Geneva Sands reports that the report’s lead section on terrorism was changed in two later drafts to replace “white supremacist extremists” with “Domestic […]

California failed to pass a major police reform bill. Here’s what experts say that could mean for the rest of the nation

“I think the bill that passed the House is the right thing to do,” Harris said. “It contains many of the best measures out there that make all kinds of common sense and is what people, generally speaking, say they want, but it won’t go anywhere because of the presidential and other election campaigns happening […]

Mean Green shoot past HBU 57-31 in season opener

Austin Aune had ample snaps as well, especially once the game broke open, allowing him to find a rhythm and complete 6 of his 11 passes for 111 yards and one touchdown. For both quarterbacks, the emphasis was clear — just wait for your receivers to create space.

‘Hallelujah’ Meaning: Leonard Cohen’s Bitter Break-Up Song Played Twice at RNC

However, while some are upset to see the idol’s signature song used by a politician they disagree with, many are confused as to why the Trump campaign chose what is often interpreted as a dark and sorrowful break-up song for the event. Perhaps it was a misguided attempt to convey religious sentiment with the use […]

Turkish Survey Ship’s Return Doesn’t Mean Ankara ‘Gave Up Its Rights’ in East Med, Defence Min. Says

He added that the Oruc Reis ship’s comeback was part of its scheduled operations and that “there will be planned movements backwards and forwards”. Akar spoke as Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, in turn, hailed the return of the Turkish vessel as “a positive first step” to defuse the Ankara-Athens tensions over offshore natural resources.

Suniel Shetty: It hurts me a lot when people say ‘film industry gutter hai’, it’s not fair

“I am a human. I chose that, and fitness as my mantra in life. I can’t go around saying ‘I am the cleanest guy in the world’, no, there are a lot of flaws in me. Let’s not go extreme again. My upbringing has been like this, I had a simple background and stuck to […]

How does a Sturgis-sized crowd affect COVID-19? It’s complicated

You know the saying—bad data in, bad data out. The trouble, then, comes when people (and headline writers) take those results at face value. Each paper Sabia’s team has published has given people on different ends of the political spectrum something they want to hear. In contrast to the Sturgis rally, the researchers found no […]