America’s Got Talent: Sofia Vergara tearfully tells poet she can ‘feel’ his pain and recalls her brother’s murder in 1998

‘I would go hug you, but there’s a virus going on, so…’ Sofia told Michael after he finished, holding out her arms in a circular hug instead, as the other judges did the same.

America’s Got Talent: Sofia Vergara stumbles into seats after getting freaked out by Chef Boy Bonez

‘My first moment on America’s Got Talent, it’s all up to me?’ he asked, then followed the crowd, saying, ‘This is your lucky day, because I will not squash a dream. It’s a yes from me.’

America’s Got Talent: Heidi Klum admits to fellow judge Sofia Vergara that she wants another baby

Powerful rendition: Celina Graves, 30, from San Diego, said she’d gotten flak as a kid for being ‘tomboyish,’ and as an adult, felt judged by people who thought she might be some kind of criminal

America’s Got Talent: Heidi Klum returns in pajamas for final auditions and inspires Simon Cowell

Simon told the band, ‘It had everything you would want from a great audition. If an audience were in here right now, you wouldn’t be able to hear me talk. They just would be going crazy.’

America’s Got Talent: Simon Cowell gives WAFFLE Crew dancers ‘little head start’ with Golden Buzzer

Each of the judges then pulled a sword out of his throat, with Sofia saying as she sat down, ‘That was super fun, and I loved it. I would love to watch you do that again without me up there.’

Heidi Klum is called ‘cruel’ for rejecting plus-size contestant on America’s Got Talent: ‘Just another bully’

‘Anyone that thinks @heidiklum body-shamed that dancer on @AGT clearly didn’t watch the show of they really weren’t paying attention. I loved her and her performance but i didn’t feel it was a million dollar act either. That dosn’t mean it’s body-shaming. Grow up people.’ came another comment.

Brexit was meant to make Britain global. It has made us friendless

It is important to distinguish strategic European policy from the detail of borders, tariffs and regulations. The UK has a detailed agenda for that stuff and negotiations are ongoing. If those talks fail, there is always the World Trade Organization (as Brexit ultras never tire of pointing out). But even if it were economically sensible […]

Britain’s packed beaches could spark second coronavirus lockdown, MPs say

“We see waves at the beach but the wave I do not want to see is a second virus wave caused by too many people coming to our fabulous coastline,” Sheryll Murray, the Conservative MP for South East Cornwall, told the publication.

When Indians made a beeline for Wimbledon, courtesy Ramanathan Krishnan

When it comes to recalling events, Krishnan truly belies his age. The moment you tell him that it has been 60 years since he reached the Wimbledon singles semifinals in 1960, words flow like a beautiful river. No other Indian, before or since, has reached the last four in singles at a Major.

Coronavirus cases in California are surging: When will the spike end?

Dr. John Swartzberg, a UC Berkeley infectious disease professor, believes there’s some hope for cases to decline in August if residents wear masks and follow public health orders with vigilance. The state has helped combat the surge by taking steps to encourage social distancing and has dialed back reopening plans. Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered the […]