Firefighters Create 9/11 Tribute with 2,978 Flags: ‘Simply Beautiful’

“Awesome display, talked to a Stanford Fire Dept member today when we went to see this. She gave us the background on how this came together! Really nice tribute to the ones who lost their lives on 9-11.. Thank you Stanford FD!” one person wrote.

In a year of social distancing, Covid-19 pandemic alters 9/11, too

But Anthoula Katsimatides sees the differences this year as an effort to ensure victims’ relatives feel comfortable attending — including her mother, who hasn’t left home since March because health issues make her especially worried about the virus. But she is determined to go in honor of her son John, a bond trader, her daughter […]

India has one of the world’s lowest Covid-19 mortality rates. But the numbers don’t tell the whole story

Health-care workers walk through the Texas Medical Center during a shift change in Houston on July 8. Coronavirus cases have accelerated across much of the South and Southwest in recent weeks. Texas crossed the 200,000-case threshold on July 6 — just 17 days after it had reached 100,000 cases. Harris County, which encompasses Houston and […]

COVID-19 Pandemic Killed 9/11 Rescuers This Year, Remembered as Bells Toll

“We understand the disappointment that some within the 9/11 community have expressed with this year’s change,” the museum said. “Protecting the health and safety of everyone at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum is a great responsibility.” The Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to first responders and named after a New York […]

Brothers whose dad died “doing what he loved” on 9/11 follow his legacy at FDNY

Fifteen men from Engine 54, stationed about four miles north of the World Trade Center, were among those who died. Leonard Ragaglia was one of those 15 men from Engine 54. Now, his sons, Leonard Jr. and Anthony, are two of more than a dozen recent FDNY academy graduates who are children of fallen 9/11 […]

How the aging immune system makes older people vulnerable to COVID-19

These delays mean that the pathogen has already made many copies of itself by the time the adaptive immune system gets to work and gains a foothold that might not have been available in a younger person. Additionally, older people have fewer fresh T cells, important players in the adaptive response that are trained to […]

America marks 19 years since 9/11, under coronavirus precautions

ARLINGTON, VA – SEPTEMBER 14, 2001: (SEPTEMBER 11 RETROSPECTIVE) A military helicopter flies in front of the Pentagon September 14, 2001 in Arlington, Virginia at the impact site where a hijacked airliner crashed into the building. (Photo by Stephen J. Boitano/Getty Images)

Terror attacks on September 11: Fallen law enforcement officers honored 19 years later

“And that’s because they gave up their lives,” he said. “Please remember that, you know, when we do all this horrible divisive rhetoric about police officers. So, please remember: they’re the ones who run in and save you, not the people yelling and screaming about them.”

Ex-firefighter still fights for thousands reeling from tragic effects of 9/11

“Not a day goes by without one of my clients dying,” Barasch told Fox News. “It’s not just the firefighters and cops, and what’s really another heartbreaking thing is there are benefits out there now. We were in Washington last year getting Congress to extend the victim compensation fund for 70 years and yet only […]

‘Alone, terrified and ran for his life’: Nine, including teen, dead in California fires; 19 missing

“The debate is over around climate change. Just come to the state of California, observe it with your own eyes,” he said, citing the hottest August in state history, 14,000 dry lightning strikes in three days, record-breaking temperatures, drought and millions of dead trees.