Living outside lockdown: Barbers, beauty shops still open

Southern governors have resisted “stay-at-home” orders that would close virtually all businesses. South Carolina Gov. Henry McMaster said his people follow rules and are “courteous. They’re gentle. They’re smart.” Mississippi Gov. Tate Reeves said in a Facebook question-and-answer session that “Mississippi’s never going to be China,” referring to the authoritarian country’s near total shutdown of […]

South Sudan bans public transport to curb spread of COVID-19

South Sudan, which has no confirmed COVID-19 case, has already imposed several preventive measures such as a ban on social gatherings, cancellation of international flights and closure of all border crossings including Juba International Airport.

Architecture is an ideological battlefield. Will Trump ‘Make Federal Buildings Beautiful Again’?

“To those rightist movements, the countryside has always [signified] something better than the cities; cities breed social problems, they are the places where you will find socialists, communists, and the countryside is this pastoral idyll that they actually embrace.”

How to see the world when you’re stuck at home

Recently, with the advent of virtual reality headsets that don’t make you throw up everywhere, there has been an explosion in VR travel apps. Google Earth VR has its own version, while others claim to take you to the Grand Canyon or swim with sharks. Not to diminish the educational value of some of these […]

Coronavirus restrictions have left many grey nomads with no place to stay, so farmers are helping out

“We got someone who had a wealth of experience with his welding and maintenance and was able to make stuff and fix stuff and help us out in ways we could have never afforded to get someone in town to do for us,” Ms Barry said.

Just how Alia celebrated her birthday

‘So this year my birthday wish is all tied up with good health! Have a wonderful day today and a healthy safe and at the same time productive year to come. Wish you all happiness my darling, you work so hard doing what you do.

Stranded In Tunisia, An American’s Odyssey In The Times Of Coronavirus

It was time for my last supper. The landlady of Dar Fatma cooked a “bird’s tongue” pasta soup with a lamb bone for me, and I then embarked on my uncertain escape plan. Saturday evening, my cousin Kelhi Englerth, tinkering on a German airline booking site, excitedly wrote to me that a routing from Tunis […]

Did some dinosaurs really have feathers?

Eight or nine beautifully preserved species of feathered theropods have been discovered in Liaoning since 1996, ranging in size from 10cm (the tiny and appropriately named Microraptor) to 2-3 metres (such as the bizarre, pot-bellied Beipiaosaurus). As a result, our understanding of the appearance and behaviour of many previously discovered dinosaurs has been heightened. Velociraptor, […]

The 14 Most Inappropriate Moments From Trump’s Speech at the Boy Scout Jamboree

1. Trump starts off by marveling at the size of the crowd and attacking the press. “Boy, you have a lot of people here. The press will say it’s about 200 people. [Laughter.] It looks like about 45,000 people. You set a record today. [Applause.] You set a record. That’s a great honor, believe me. […]

Now That No One Cares Anymore, Who

• After this, the conversation warms up. Kanye is relieved Taylor is okay with the line; Taylor is grateful that Kanye reached out to check. Both sound happy they’ve put any discord behind them and can be friends again. But then Kanye springs it on her that there’s a second reference in the song. “What […]