Boris Johnson blasts EU claims he was planning to tear up Withdrawal Agreement

“As we have done from the beginning in public and in private, I will reinforce our simple, reasonable request for a free trade agreement based on those the EU has signed before with like-minded partners.”

Boris Johnson slammed by Commons Speaker for accusing Sir Keir Starmer of backing the IRA

“I wasn’t comfortable with it. If I’m not comfortable with it, how is the person who was receiving it? We’ve got to look at it in that way. It’s very easy to get carried away in the heat of the moment and say something maybe with hindsight we ought not to say.”

The days could be numbered for Boris Johnson’s Trump tribute act

Likewise, Downing Street is coy about praise from Trump, who hails Johnson as a fellow traveller and sees Brexit as the twin project to his own presidency. The cultural affinity is strong enough. As campaigns they mined similar grievances, probed parallel divisions. In government they have a common ethos of ripping up rules, ignoring constitutions […]

Boris Johnson speech: PM bans gatherings of more than 6 in fresh coronavirus crackdown… but for how long?

Groups of more than six will be banned from Monday – and anyone who disobeys faced a £100 minimum fine Pub-goers and diners will be FORCED to hand over their details when they go out as part of a ramping up of track and trace A new army of health and safety inspectors will be […]

Boris Johnson’s own scientists tear his ‘moonshot’ Covid-19 testing plan to shreds

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty, standing alongside the Prime Minister at the Number 10 Press Conference, said: “The underlying technology is used for other diseases in terms of diagnosis, so it’s not a complete wild guess, this is something that’s building on very established principles.

Boris Johnson hits back over EU claim he’s turning UK into ‘rogue state’ by altering withdrawal agreement

Remainer and former Prime Minister Sir John Major added: “If we lose our reputation for honouring the promises we make, we will have lost something beyond price that may never be regained.”

We fear for the Britain created by Boris Johnson’s new ‘rule of six’

For 13 years the LA clan entertained us with their ridiculous extravagances, fashion choices and shattered relationships — making billions as they went.

Boris Johnson is threatening his own MPs, but I’ll be voting to stop no-deal Brexit

This is why today’s vote, on a standing order that will giving parliament control of the order paper, is so important. It is rash and misguided to shut down all escape routes from no deal and hold a gun to our own head in the hope it will produce a deal at the last moment. […]

Cabinet at war over the rule of six: Almost every minister on Boris Johnson’s Covid committee argued against the stringent limit – and even the PM himself was ‘cautious’- but Matt Hancock got his way

Mr Hancock faced a backlash over his ‘Moonshot’ mass testing strategy which scientists said was fundamentally flawed; Tens of thousands of British tourists faced a race to escape Portugal after the country was returned to the quarantine list; Theresa May led a Tory revolt over the failure to introduce coronavirus tests at airports, saying Britain […]

Cut quarantine to five days: Airline bosses tell Boris Johnson to set up testing of passengers in three weeks or face economic disaster

But because of the Government’s inaction on airport testing, they expect most of their business to come from foreign airports initially – dozens of which are said to have expressed interest. Heathrow has been trialling the technology for the last three weeks.