Patrick Beverley says Nikola Jokic does “a lot of flailing” to get calls

Neither does Kawhi Leonard or Paul George. Or Nikola Jokic. Or the rest of the best players in the league. Everyone is trying to draw fouls and put pressure on the referee. All of them do some flailing (ever watch James Harden?). I don’t know that Luka Doncic or Jokic do it any more than […]

Bloke bags £70 of fresh food for £2 then uses nifty trick to make it last SIX MONTHS

“This gave me plenty of time to actually look at the whole grow your own veg plan as something more important than the years before, as we had no idea what was going to happen with our food supplies, and how long it was all going to last for.

Delhi House Cafe, Manchester: ‘There is a lot to enjoy here’ – restaurant review

These pictures surround a framed declaration of intent, headed “A Wall To Remember”. These people, it says, have inspired the Lamba family, who are behind this new venture. As the name implies, it draws upon the cooking of the Indian capital. “Some of the most loved dishes around the world today have been created by […]

Mum shares simple trick which helped her bag £65 of Morrison’s food for just £3

Plus this mum got lunchbox shamed after showing off her Mickey Mouse sandwich – as people reckon a toddler could do better.

Good bordeaux at affordable prices is now a lot easier to find than it used to be

I must confess it’s not a wine I buy with any regularity, but when I do taste it, I’m frequently more impressed than I expect to be. This is partly down to the last few vintages, (2019, 18, 16 and 15 were all good), partly to improved winemaking, and also to the sheer volume of […]

‘Monday to Wednesdays are the new weekend!’ Restaurants see surge in bookings as food lovers dine out in droves on first day of Rishi’s 50% discount scheme but owners fear Saturday and Sunday demand will fall

How you could get a further £5 off your meal out with an Amex card American Express is giving customers £5 cashback for spending £10 or more in small shops, which can can be used in conjunction with the Government’s Eat Out To Help Out scheme.

COVID-19 Impact | Seven ways the pandemic has changed how we shop for food

At first, shoppers were loading their freezers in what some in the grocery business politely refer to as “the initial pantry filling.” For some consumers, frozen fruit and vegetables became a less expensive and more reliable alternative to fresh. And then there was a simple reality: Some days it is just easier to pull a […]

50 ways to save money including best apps and tips from experts

Check your bank statements and see what exactly your paying for but not actually using. With life changing drastically in the pandemic, there are likely to be things which you no longer need and probably some you forgot you had in the first place.

You may relate to this hilarious Twitter post if you often fight over food with your sibling

Have you ever been accused of finishing a packet of chips that your sibling ‘claims’ was theirs? Have you ever felt the fury of waking up only to discover that the leftover slice of cake you were saving for yourself has somehow disappeared into your sibling’s stomach? If so, then this Twitter post may speak […]

Global food security: When America leads, lives are saved

When COVID-19 first touched every corner of the globe, NGO experts, development professionals, and epidemiologists alike theorized about the secondary impacts of the virus. Quickly, it became clear that its consequences were far more immediate and vast than initially imagined. And, with time, we now see upon whom these consequences fell the heaviest.