Hong Kong media freedoms in spotlight as FT journalist denied visa

Authorities in Beijing and Hong Kong have said the notion of independence is inconsistent with the principle of “one country, two systems” under which the territory has been governed since Britain handed it back to China in 1997. The principle promises Hong Kong a high degree of autonomy and freedoms not enjoyed elsewhere in China.

Reporting on Hong Kong: ‘What will happen to this wonderful city?’

“Tell our story to the world” many have told me over the past 12 weeks, as they handed me biscuits and drinks, and offered me a hand to get up and down barriers and roadblocks. Their words sounded eerily similar to what Beijing residents told Hong Kong and foreign reporters during the Tiananmen crackdown 30 […]

Hong Kong political groups support NPC Standing Committee in deciding on continued operation of LegCo

The Liberal Party of Hong Kong also supported the postponement of the LegCo election to safeguard public health and ensure a fair election, and said the decision of the NPC Standing Committee will ensure the normal operation of the HKSAR LegCo and the government, and not affect the Hong Kong society and its economy. Enditem

Loving BTS: How one concert inspired me to follow my dreams

“I know they talk like you’re too naive~ (like) you’re too young but eventually, fools change the world. I believe that” This is what Kim Namjoon (aka RM), the leader of Korean music group BTS, told his fans one fine day in 2017. And on March 20, 2019, the septet group changed my world on […]

Global report: Bolivia’s president and Venezuela’s Socialist party leader test positive for Covid-19

South Africa recorded its highest one-day case increase since the outbreak began, as the health minister warned people to change their behaviour in the face of a coming coronavirus ‘storm’. The country announced an increase of 13,674 new cases on Thursday night.

Pet CAT tests positive for coronavirus in first animal case in UK

And earlier this year, a tiger was among several animals which tested positive for the virus at the Bronx Zoo, while the pet dog of a virus patient from Hong Kong was then also found to have the bug.

France edges closer to quarantine hit-list as coronavirus cases see biggest leap since lockdown ended

He told Sky News in a grim warning: “It’s a tricky situation. What I can say to people is we’re in the midst of a global pandemic and that means there is always the risk of disruption to travel plans and people need to bear that in mind.

Exclusive — Alex Azar on Taiwan: ‘Very Important Partner of United States’

“Four years ago, the World Health Organization stripped Taiwan of its observer status at the World Health Assembly—effectively the governing body of the World Health Organization,” Azar told Breitbart News. “For the last three years, at President Trump’s direction, I have personally fought along with Secretary Pompeo for that observer status to be restored to […]