Over 900 in Georgia district quarantine as high school shut

“This broad prohibition cannot last too much longer, even if the pandemic continues, because the judicial system, and the criminal justice system in particular, must have some capacity to resolve cases by indictment and trial,” Melton’s order says.

‘I was labelled a monster’: How high school football player was WRONGLY convicted of molesting a four-year-old boy and faced life in prison – until lawyer saved his life with new evidence

‘I was labeled a monster, and you would see one out of every two people I interacted with on a daily basis talk terrible about me,’ said Kelley, who played high school football in Leander 25 miles north of Austin and was going to jail for a least 25 years after he was found guilty

All students passed with first class at this government high school

The teaching staff, under the leadership of headmaster K.P. Narayana, took extra care to ensure this result. In the past two years, the teachers had conducted night school for students ahead of the exams to revise the syllabus. This time, they could not do so because of the COVID-19 scare. However, to make up for […]

Girl, 17, kills herself by stepping in front of a train two months after her high school football star friend’s identical suicide

‘He was one of the leaders of the team,’ Dave Brousseau, a Deerfield Beach alumnus still active with the program, told the South Florida Sun Sentinel. ‘He was one of the guys who, when they were getting ready pre-game, he was always getting them fired up.’ 

“It was so special”: Colorado high schools host creative graduations during the pandemic

Perceptions of risk vary around the state. Some Colorado school districts won variances from a state ban on gatherings of 10 or more people to hold in-person ceremonies. Others plan to forge ahead with in-person ceremonies without state approval.

Sunday Conversation: Rising senior discusses return to school, future of American youth

The protest following the murder of George Floyd are the result of centuries worth of exhaustion, frustration, and anger, at the constant mistreatment of minorities in a country that considers itself the beacon of freedom and equality. The protests I attended were some of the most eye-opening experiences I had in my life. I participated […]

What do the kids say? K-12 students sound off on school

Some Scandinavian countries with far fewer cases than in the U.S. reopened schools with new safety protocols and have had no outbreaks connected to their operations. In Israel, schools that reopened when virus activity was low ended up shutting down a few weeks later when cases spiked.

Pennsylvania Republicans Aim New Bills At Shutdowns Of Schools And Athletics

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — Republican state lawmakers in Pennsylvania say they want to give parents more power to let their children repeat a year of schooling if they feel their child didn’t get the education they needed or missed out on a year of athletics amid shutdowns during the pandemic.

Lawmakers Propose Letting Districts Decide On Sports And Allowing Parents To Give Kids Do-Over Of 2020 School Year

Pennsylvania Republicans Aim New Bills At Shutdowns Of Schools And Athletics Pennsylvania High School Coaches Not Ready To Give Up On Fall Yet PIAA Believes ‘It Can Safely Sponsor Fall Sports,’ Asks For Partnership With Wolf Administration PIAA Board To Hold Meeting Regarding Gov. Tom Wolf’s Recommendation To Postpone Youth Sports Former WPIAL Executive Director […]

Some Teachers Balk as San Jose Schools Prepare to Reopen Classrooms Wednesday

“The big thing for us was that we were never given a choice,” Disario said. “It wasn’t a ‘Hey, do you want to work from home?’ There were a lot of people I know who were rejected. The choice would’ve been made easier if, back in March, we had started planning for what this was […]