Saudi Arabia to Announce Country’s First Nuclear Reactor Soon, Insiders Say

The nuclear power industry took an enormous blow after the 2011 Fukushima Daiichi disaster which forced the relocation of 100,000 people in Japan. Not only did this increase regulatory scrutiny on the nuclear power industry, it galvanized public opinion against them. However, Saudi Arabia has no considerable anti-nuclear movement, and is one of the world’s largest economies to not have any nuclear […]

India plans to fell ancient forest to create 40 new coalfields

There is also a question of necessity. While India is the world’s second largest consumer of coal, and annually imports 247m tonnes, costing more than $20bn (£15bn), India’s electricity demand is forecast to fall by up to 15% over the next five years due to the economic reverberations of Covid-19. Meanwhile, a report this week […]

India, China hold Major General-level talks at Ladakh’s Daulat Beg Oldi over Depsang tensions

In the August 2 meeting, the Indian side had insisted on complete disengagement of Chinese troops at the earliest, and immediate restoration of status quo ante in all areas of eastern Ladakh prior to May 5 when the standoff began following a clash between the two armies in Pangong Tso. The Chinese military has pulled […]

Russian Space-Age Stealth Bomber to Hit the Skies With Hypersonic Weapons

The PAK-DA will be a unique project in the history of Russian aviation since it will be a “flying wing” aircraft, a design never used before by Russian engineers. It will fly at subsonic speeds and the large wingspan and design features will provide the jet with reduced visibility to radar.

Officials long warned of explosive chemicals at Beirut port

For decades, Lebanon has been dominated by the same political elites, many of them former warlords and militia commanders from the civil war. The ruling factions use public institutions to accumulate wealth and distribute patronage to supporters. A blind eye is often turned to corruption, and little development is put into institutions. As a result, […]

Belarus’ leader faces toughest challenge yet in Sunday vote

Alexander Klaskovsky, an independent political expert based in Minsk, said he thinks the Kremlin hopes the stormy election campaign in Belarus will help erode Lukashenko’s grip on power and make him more receptive to a closer integration of the two countries.

Artful by Ali Smith – review

After a year mourning the death of her lover, a woman picks up her old Penguin edition of Oliver Twist, drops herself into an armchair and starts reading. Moments later she hears someone coming up the stairs. She looks up. “It was you… your clothes were smudged, matted, torn. You were wearing that black waistcoat […]

Belarus’ leader faces toughest challenge yet in Sunday vote

When the presidential campaign began, authorities cracked down on the opposition with a renewed vigor. More than 1,300 protest participants have been detained since May, according to the Viasna human rights center. The campaign chief for one of the candidates race was arrested outside a polling station Friday and sentenced to 10 days in jail […]