Donald Trump’s campaign brands former AG Jeff Sessions ‘delusional’ in letter claiming he is trying to mislead the president’s ‘loyal’ supporters in quest for Alabama Senate seat

The March 31 letter sent by Michael Glassner, chief operating officer of Donald J. Trump for President, accused Sessions of attempting to ‘misleadingly promote your connections to and ‘support’ of Trump,’ in the campaign mailer that mentioned Trump’s name 22 times.

Warriors’ dynasty began in the mind of a walk-on for national-champion UCLA

His team down big at halftime to underdog Tulsa in the first round of the NCAA Tournament, forward Ed O’Bannon stomped into UCLA’s locker room, kicking trash cans as he screamed, “This is an embarrassment!” Myers — a mild-mannered freshman — watched in awe. In that moment, he understood just how much winning meant to […]

Conservative High Schoolers Want to ‘Own the Libs’

But there were no speech police present on this dreary day in the nation’s capital—the event went on without a glimmer of protest. And for those who are used to protests wherever they go, such as Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, who would be speaking later, it must have been a  welcome change.

Storms sweep over Southeast with rain, wind, floods; 4 dead

Associated Press staffers Rogelio Solis in Pickens, Mississippi; Jeffrey Collins in Columbia, S.C.; Bobby Calvan in Tallahassee, Fla.; Jeff Martin and Sudhin Thanawala in Atlanta; Adrian Sainz in Memphis, Tenn.; Becky Yonker in Louisville, Ky.; John Raby in Charleston, W.Va.; Kevin McGill in New Orleans; and Jonathan Drew in Raleigh, N.C.; contributed to this report.

DCCC targets House GOP members over Trump administration response to coronavirus

Versions of the ad will run in districts for Reps. Jeff Van DrewJeff Van DrewHispanic Caucus campaign arm unveils non-Hispanic endorsements Lone Democrat to oppose impeachment will seek reelection DCCC targets House GOP members over Trump administration response to coronavirus MORE (N.J.), who switched from a Democrat to a Republican amid last year’s House impeachment […]

Ant-Man 3 Taps Rick and Morty Writer for Script

With all the shuffling going on, it’s unclear when Ant-Man 3 could hit theaters. The next open date Marvel Studios has is October 7, 2022 though movies like Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 and Blade are already waiting in the wings. It’s unclear at this point what the movie will be titled after Ant-Man […]

Why Amazon got out of the Apple App Store tax, and why other developers won’t

Take that phrase and add the word “games” to it and you’re pretty much describing Fortnite. Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney has been incredibly outspoken about App Store taxes. He’s taken Fortnite off the Google Play Store and would dearly love to find a way to not have to give Apple a cut on iOS devices. […]

Apple, Netflix, WarnerMedia, and LinkedIn pull out of SXSW appearances

Apple is pulling out of SXSW due to the coronavirus outbreak, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported on Wednesday. Apple is following in the footsteps of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon Studios, and others in not attending the Austin-based conference due to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak. Variety corroborates Apple’s withdrawal from the event. Apple did not immediately respond to […]

Lions Archive: Lions Lose To Bears Without Stafford 20-13

Driskel “has a little bit of a different element to him and I thought he was put in a really hard situation and I think he played really tough,” Patricia said. “Obviously, the mistakes, but the rest of that poised, went in, did everything he could to try to help the team win.”

Starmer can succeed, and he deserves our support

The mistake many “centrist” voices have made is to dismiss political phenomena they do not like – from Corbynism to Brexit to Trump – as simply being mass irrationality, stupidity and hysteria. But Corbyn secured a landslide victory in 2015 because all of the other flanks of the Labour party were politically and intellectually exhausted. […]