Does Google really want third-party app stores on Android or are they a ‘necessary evil’?

Google also makes money by charging developers a 30% transaction fee whenever someone spends money in an app through Google’s payment process. If you buy an in-app purchase that costs one dollar, Google takes 30 cents. Google also makes it easy to use GoogleAds inside a free app, and even has a service that developers […]

Coronavirus: 102 Jet2 pilots to be made redundant, union says

More from UK Charles leads tributes to ‘forgotten army’ on 75th anniversary of VJ Day UK weather: Thunderstorms and downpours to cause travel disruption this weekend Coronavirus: Debenhams owners draw up plan for department store chain’s liquidation Climbdown on A-levels as government agrees to pay for appeals against downgraded results Coronavirus lockdown: Theatres, casinos and […]

Nanoinfluencers Are Slyly Barnstorming the 2020 Election

Over the past year, we’ve been studying the ways in which social media influencers are being leveraged by political actors across the political spectrum. Quantifying their scale and engagement rates on Instagram is difficult, for several reasons: (1) There’s lax enforcement of influencers noting when they post advertisements. (2) The “paid partnership” disclosure is itself […]

‘Eat out to help out’ discounts in UK boost coronavirus-hit restaurants

Or the sea views on offer from Spanish City, a domed space for seaside goers looking to eat out. “We absolutely love this discount deal,” says Spanish City General Manager Chris March, adding: “It’s given people the confidence to say they are ready to go out and try new things.”

Apple stumbled into a war with the gaming industry, and the future of iOS is at stake

But regardless of the reason, the company’s defiance — despite eager pleas from its competitors and the demands of consumers (there’s a petition pleading with Apple to change its mind) — is setting the stage for a world where iPhone users lack access to what may very well be the future of how video […]

Indian internet companies grappling with fake app installations

Getting someone to install a mobile application once can be a challenge, but throw in a little something and they might be willing to download the app multiple times.Something as insignificant as a mobile recharge package worth Rs 10. For companies spending big money on making their apps stand out amid the clutter, this is […]

My favourite Dhoni memory

This Dhoni decision unfurled a flurry of thoughts – the last time he pulled a rabbit out of his hat, in the form of Joginder Sharma’s 20th over, he won India a world title. But, the ordeal ahead this time around, rendered such optimism-based statistics worthless. Here, in the centre of a deafening Wankhede stadium, […]

Fortnite 1984 Short Sees Epic Games Lampoon Apple With #FreeFortnite Campaign

Earlier today, Epic Games reduced the cost of V-Bucks on the App Store and introduced direct payments to get around paying Apple for the use of their storefront, prompting the game’s removal from the store by the tech giant. Epic hit back by filing a lawsuit against the company for the “exorbitant” 30% cut that […]

This VC fund wants to focus on gaming space exclusively. Will it work?

“It is on a smaller scale but it is still showing an upward trajectory, based on monetisation. Now, this is not to say that we are already there yet but if you look at the current app store and the composition of top grossing charts, representation of Indian content in these charts is still very […]