Ayesha Curry shares secrets to her 35-pound weight loss during quarantine

“We love Brussels [sprouts], asparagus and broccoli,” Curry said. “I like to roast them on high heat to give everything a nice char and enhance the flavor of the veg. There’s nothing I love more than a one-pot/one sheet pan dinner, so most nights I’ll season up a protein and roast it alongside the vegetables.”

Jessica Simpson unrecognisable after seven stone weight loss as she tries on skinny jeans

Jessica, who starred as hot-panting loving Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard movie in 2005, then appeared to throw it back to her former character again as she rocked a pair of denim overalls so pose alongside daughter Birdie Mae.

Gemma Collins flaunts 3-stone weight loss as she dances on Mykonos beach

“She is insisting that she will not let him ruin her physically as well as mentally, and if anything, their split has made her more determined than ever to reach her size 16 goal and prove to herself and to him that she is better and stronger without him.”

Andi Peters praises ITV for ‘getting more black faces on television’ as he prepares to take the helm of Lorraine Kelly’s talk show

He said: ‘I just want to say something as I can, as one of the only black people on this show, it is so important that we all keep talking. It really is. People meet me in the street and ask me how I feel about it.

Idris Elba, Viola Davis and Queen Latifah among 300 black artists and execs pushing Hollywood to change

The organization “works at the intersection of grassroots and narrative activism. We partner with artists, storytellers, grassroots groups, and community activists dedicated to challenging injustice by empowering frontline communities to address issues that affect their lives” according to its site.

Best Hair Oils For The Most Relaxing Champi Time Ever! And The Right Way To Champi

4. Almond Oil All the heat styling you have been doing has left your hair super dry and damaged, and you wondering how to revive the hair? It is time for the almond oil therapy. Almond oil is highly emollient and brings the shine and life back to your tresses. Vitamin E and essential fatty […]

I refuse to lose weight, says model who vented fury at fashion agency

“Perhaps now is a good time to reflect upon the facts of how and why we truly decided to end our management relationship with you … Remember that you left us once for another agency and then came back a second time asking to be with us again and we welcomed you back. You left […]

What would happen if a black hole fell into a wormhole?

In many ways, a wormhole resembles a black hole. Both types of objects are extraordinarily dense and have powerful gravitational pulls for objects their size. The main difference is that no object can theoretically get back out after entering a black hole’s event horizon — the threshold where the speed needed to escape the black […]

Best Warzone loadout for AN-94, Bruen, FAL, Grau, and other top weapons in Season 5

Thanks to Drift0r I know that the MP7 has a cap on its maximum damage range, which means it’s near-pointless to do our usual trick of double-whammying the range with a Monolithic and a long barrel. So we’re just going with the Monolithic Suppressor this time (remember, suppression is absolutely critical in Warzone for staying […]

IVF is best chance to save endangered northern white rhino, scientists say

Poachers have also taken their toll, killing the animals for their horn – long prized for making ceremonial dagger handles in Yemen and, more recently, to be ground into a powder for medicine in Asia. Rhino horn is worth more than $65,000 (£42,770) per kilo on the black market, more than gold or wholesale cocaine.