Big Brother All-Stars: Dani Donato wins HoH and nominates Kevin Campbell and David Alexander for eviction

Dani later told her fellow alliance member Nicole Franzel, 28, that she was going to put Kevin and David up for nomination, but also was considering a backdoor move to eliminate Tyler.

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer says their mother Frances was not cut out for maternity

French-born Greg, who popped the question on 22 July, planned the proposal to a tee. The couple enjoyed a romantic lunch and spent the day by the pool before going back to their room, where Greg had arranged for rose petals and champagne to be set up.

Coronavirus: Fears over care home test cuts in north Wales

Lab testing issues ‘may take weeks to resolve’ Council leader ‘furious’ over testing capacity What do the stats tell us in Wales? “I am alarmed to hear that Covid-19 testing resources in north Wales are being reduced in order to ramp up testing capacity in south Wales,” he said.

Withings ScanWatch review: health-tracking watch with 30-day battery

You also get smart alerts, which are basic but may be just enough for most people not after a full smartwatch experience. But the watch certainly isn’t cheap and costs about the same as many fully featured smartwatches or running watches, which admittedly lack the ECG functions. The lack of GPS also means you are […]

Boris Johnson’s fiancée Carrie Symonds says Sir David Attenborough’s show warning of mass extinction of wildlife left her in TEARS – as she pleads: ‘Everyone should watch this, it’s time to act’

We overload the land with nitrates and phosphates, overgraze it, burn it, overburden it with unsuitable varieties of crops, and spray it with pesticides so killing the soil invertebrates that bring it to life. Many soils are losing their topsoil and changing from rich ecosystems brimming with fungi, worms, specialist bacteria and a host of […]

Be it on God, guns or Greta, social media offers neat solutions for our messy feelings

This is a map of the US I made last year in response to my experiences there when filming my forthcoming Channel 4 series, Grayson Perry’s Big American Road Trip. I love maps. They have an air of authority, they show us where to go. This map toys with the common delusion that there is […]

Royals’ afternoon tea menus revealed – what the Queen, Kate Middleton and more eat

It is not known how often the Duke and Duchess of Sussex dine on afternoon tea, but when they do, they likely opt for a very modern version. Meghan is said to prefer herbal infusions over English breakfast tea; not only did she opt for mint tea instead of coffee during a visit to Birkenhead in […]

Five new Steam games you probably missed (September 14, 2020)

Inertial Drift is a retro-styled arcade racer, but unlike other recent nostalgia trips like Hotshot Racing or Horizon Chase Turbo, it brings something fairly unique to the table. It has a twin-stick control model: the left stick, as usual, is used to steer your souped-up sports car, but the right stick is dedicated entirely to […]

‘Violation’ Review: Disturbing Rape-Revenge Thriller Subverts Genre Trappings

The gruesome details of the film’s deeply unsettling revenge sequence are best left unspoiled, although some necessary warnings around sisterly betrayal, rape and extreme, bloody body horror should be noted all the same. Though what’s provocative about “Violation” isn’t the presence of these triggers, but the way it handles them, knowing that real-life sexual perils […]