Hades weapons guide: best weapons, Aspects, and Daedalus upgrades

Stygius Aspects: Aspect Effect Zagreus Bonus Attack Speed & Move Speed (+3/6/9/12/15%) Nemesis For 3s after your Special, your Attack has increased Crit Chance (+15/19/22/26/30%) Poseidon Your Special dislodges Cast Ammo from Foes. Increased Cast Damage (+10/20/30/40/50%) Arthur You have Holy Excalibur, and +50 Max Health. Holy Excalibur features different attacks which deal increased damage […]

Waymo and Cruise safety drivers face a bleak choice: pandemic or pollution?

Some Transdev workers for Waymo have been selected to submit to twice-weekly COVID testing. In his email, Windus also urged those employees who had been chosen to “stay on schedule for your twice per week testing.” But employees are being asked to self-administer the tests using nasal swabs provided by a nurse, which feels “extremely […]

How UK is already OUT-PACING SAGE’s ‘worst case scenario’ projections of 85,000 Covid-19 deaths in second wave – with infections, fatalities and hospital admissions all higher than top scientists feared

Last night, Nottinghamshire announced it was heading for a Tier Three lockdown and became the first county to agree to a ban on selling alcohol after 9pm, if booze is bought to consume off premises. There are fears it has set a precedent and that other regions could be forced to comply with restrictions that […]

London ‘will go into Tier 3 lockdown in two weeks’ as Britain faces a super-spreader Christmas: Advisers forecast a ‘very, very bleak’ winter – and propose national shutdown either side of 25 December to let families reunite

Nicola Sturgeon admits she cannot rule out imposing nationwide coronavirus restrictions ‘in the next few weeks’ as she reveals which areas of Scotland will be hit by her five-tier local lockdowns from Monday  Nicola Sturgeon today admitted she cannot rule out imposing nationwide coronavirus restrictions on Scotland ‘in the next few weeks’ as she unveiled […]

Ministers confirm ALL of Nottinghamshire will enter Tier 3 from Friday with shops banned from selling alcohol after 9pm, beauty salons ordered to shut and shisha banned

‘Then we got a communication from the county hall about 7.30pm that they were still waiting to hear from the Government to confirm whether we were going ahead from Thursday into lockdown for Nottingham city and the three boroughs. And then it emerged late last night that an urgent meeting had been called for 9am […]

OnePlus 8T review: Should OnePlus take a breather?

There was a time when smartphone releases used to be anticipated. Of course, much of the suspense was a result of savvy marketing. But a brand released one phone a year. And, there weren’t any ‘leaks’, so to speak. Now, phone release schedules are like the Fast and Furious movies; by the time one comes […]

Torsus Praetorian Off-Road School Bus Fears No Snow Day

Torsus says its Praetorian School Bus edition is “intended for the toughest school run routes in the world.” Hopefully, the world never devolves to an apocalyptic state where simply getting to school requires nearly 16 inches of ground clearance and the ability to cross water over two feet deep. Should that happen, the Praetorian is […]

Labour SUSPENDS Jeremy Corbyn after he DOWNPLAYS damning anti-Semitism report that found party ‘harassed and discriminated against Jews’ under him and instead blames his opponents for ‘overstating the problem’

The GLU report recommended referral to the NCC  – which could lead to expulsion – saying he had not demonstrated an understanding of why his conduct amounted to a pattern of behaviour that appeared to demonstrate hostility or prejudice towards Jewish people, and had not shown any understanding of why he should not share platforms […]

Fortnite guide: How to unlock the Wolverine outfit

Second challenge: Find the Loading Screen picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site For the following challenge, you need to find the Loading Screen picture at a Quinjet Patrol Site. In season 4, the Quinjet Patrol Sites were added, and you’ll need to know how to spot them. At the start of a match, while you’re […]

The best PlayStation 4 games for 2020

Massively multiplayer games Destiny 2 Destiny, it had a cryptic and confusing story and a surprisingly empty world. These issues were rectified in Destiny 2, a game so content-rich and satisfying that we’ve found ourselves playing for three or four hours at a time without much thought. The buttery-smooth combat of the first game returns, but it’s […]