With Johnson hospitalized, who’s who in Britain’s Cabinet?

FILE – In this file photo dated Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019, Britain’s Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab, 3rd right, Home Secretary Priti Patel, 2nd right, lawmaker Michael Gove, fourth left, listen as Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson speaks during his first cabinet meeting since the general election, inside 10 Downing Street in London. With British Prime […]

Coronavirus lockdown exposes LGBT+ people to family abuse in Middle East

“The environment we live in unfortunately can be aggressive toward LGBT+ people,” said Omar Al Khatib of the Palestinian LGBT+ group alQaws, which is based in Jerusalem where gay and trans people often live with families that do not accept them.

Transcript: Dr. David Agus speaks with Michael Morell on “Intelligence Matters”

Ha-ha. Viruses are a part of nature that were meant to actually speed up and help with evolution. They transfer DNA from species to species. And they’re actually part of us, and have enabled the evolution tree to happen. And so viruses are common. If we look at our genome there are gobs of viruses […]

What Lessons can India Learn from Japan?

Despite being an industrially advanced country, Japan successfully brought pollution under control and eradicated tuberculosis. Therefore, fighting the virus is one problem less for Japan. India can probably learn from Japan’s experience on pollution control measures for the future.

A third of Brits think the police have gone too far with their lockdown crackdown

Underlying health conditions include: chronic long-term respiratory diseases like asthma, kidney and heart disease, hepatitis, Parkinson’s, diabetes, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, a learning disability or cerebral palsy, HIV, Aids, cancer, and obesity.

Qatar says it’s working to protect laborers from coronavirus

It also said it was limiting the number of people in accommodation rooms to four, and introducing social distancing measures at work, “such as staggering entry and exit of workers to and from their workplace, limiting all bus capacity to a maximum of 50 percent and ensuring masks and hand sanitizers are available at worksites.”