Russian hacking group’s ‘last member at liberty’ comes out of the shadows

This is backed up by Ivan Pavlov, a lawyer specialising in treason cases, who has said he is defending one of the men accused of treason, though he refused to specify which one. He told the Guardian he was limited in what he could say about the case, but conceded that US intelligence featured in […]

‘Happy Endings’ Virtual Reunion Set at Sony Pictures Television (EXCLUSIVE)

In order to raise money and awareness for Color of Change and José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen supporting Black Lives Matter and COVID-19 relief efforts, Sony Pictures Television (which produced the series that ran for three seasons on ABC) has partnered with the executive producers and cast of “Happy Endings” for this special event taking […]

‘Happy Endings’ Cast Reunites For Pandemic-Themed Zoom Charity Special

“For years, the people (and multiple networks) have spoken: they do not want this show to continue,” Happy Endings creator David Caspe said. “Undeterred, we were finally able to convince them to at least let us do just one weird Zoom thing, as long as we did it ourselves and it was for charity. So […]

Fuse ODG: ‘I chose to be happy’

Is he embarrassed by his star power? “I feel appreciated. I get quite emotional because of where I come from. I always go back to that. But I knew I had to go through what I did so that I could share my story. So that I could have a platform where I could speak […]

IKEA Is Sending Someone To Denmark To Learn The ‘Keys’ To Happiness

Denmark also leads the way by a landslide in tax income as a percent of its GDP. Denmark’s GDP is almost 25 percent income tax. For comparison, Sweden is in the second spot at 13 percent, with the U.S. trailing a few spots behind, at around 10 percent, Bloomberg reports.

Peacock’s Brave New World review: Chilling dystopia in Ikea gray

Things are very different outside the society’s bubble. Just for kicks, the medicated new worlders leave their antiseptic society to jump on a rocket and fly to the other side of the world, where they can experience the unshaven thrills of the so-called “Savage Lands.” This walk on the wild side is a voyeuristic theme […]

ICC’s World T20 plan leaves Ireland, Netherlands and co as mere footnote

There are, Borren said, many good people working at the ICC. “But maybe above them there is a sort of malaise towards associate cricket. To grow further in the game, we always hear it is not commercially viable,” Borren said. “To be honest there is money somewhere. There is a lot of money in cricket […]

Ducati reveals 2020 World Superbike livery

“The test went really well for us. I was happy to get back on the bike, I felt very good from the outset. The guys worked hard to give me a good package already, it’s always good to start the season with a good feeling on the bike.

‘Jurassic World’ Beats ‘Avengers’ As The Fastest Pic To Cross $400M – Update With Top 20

Open Road is forecasting Dope, the frame’s second wide entry in 2,002, at $6M, a figure that’s below its $7M pick-up price at Sundance. The town overall thinks it’s lower at $5.5M-$5.8M. The Rick Famuyiwa film about a promising African American out of Inglewood primed for Harvard, who winds up holding the wrong backpack at the wrong […]

‘Hello world!’ Gogglebox’s Shaun Malone shares adorable first photograph of baby Louis as he introduces his newborn son to fans

Shaun explained how his brain damage affected his life shortly after he woke up from a coma, sharing: ‘I was in a coma for a few weeks – and they said to my mum and dad ‘Shaun’s got brain damage, we don’t know what the brain damage is or how it’ll affect him or if […]