Investors that manage US$47tn demand world’s biggest polluters back plan for net-zero emissions

In a statement on Monday, the Climate Action steering committee lists “indicators” on which the businesses will be measured, including whether they have strategies to reach net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner and reduce the “scope 3” emissions released by customers using the companies’ products.

Cabinet steps up air pollution controls

“There is still much room for improvement for China’s environmental protection sector, and we need to focus on key areas to encourage businesses to increase research and development inputs,” the premier said. “This will not only help improve the quality of life for the people, but also the quality of development for the economy and […]

What is China doing to tackle its air pollution?

“In 2008 the air quality data was considered a state secret. The government was in a denial stage for years until 2013 when those huge episodes happened, and then they started to say ‘This is real now’. Because of [prioritising] economic interest over public health interest, the way they implement the existing air quality regulations […]

UK air pollution: why are we only now waking up to this public health crisis?

These days air pollution comes largely from diesel engines. It can be best seen when fumes get trapped and a dull orange-grey smog develops. Technically, it is produced by sunlight reacting with nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds (VOC) in the atmosphere. When sunlight hits these chemicals, they form airborne particles and the result is […]

EESL’s EVs reduce air pollution, mitigate 5,604 tonne of CO2 emissions

Energy Efficiency Service Ltd (EESL) on Wednesday said the electric vehicles deployed by the company have helped reduce air pollution and mitigate 5,604 tonne of CO2 emissions. EESL is combating air pollution in the nation by driving India’s e-mobility transition. In line with the #iCommit initiative launched by Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister […]

Upgrade current emissions testing procedures: CSE

NEW DELHI: The current practice of pollution under control (PUC) is “rudimentary and ineffective”, a green body has said while asking the government to take steps to upgrade the current emissions testing procedures and make vehicle manufacturers liable for emissions performance.

China pollution: Factories closed by Beijing smog

Levels of PM2.5, the smallest and deadliest smog particles, rose as high as 303 micrograms a cubic metre in some parts of Beijing on Saturday, and could top 500 in coming days – more than 20 times the level considered safe by the World Health Organization.

Align type-approval norms for retro-fitment of LPG/CNG kits with European laws: Industry

India’s type-approval norms for retro-fitment of LPG/CNG kits in automobiles with European standards, saying the prevalent norms were a major impediment to clean air goal. India Auto LPG Coalition, the apex body of autogas sellers in India, has written to Dinesh Tyagi, Director International Centre for Automotive Technology, saying irrational type-approval norms regulating aftermarket retro […]

European Commission to propose more ambitious emissions limits for autos

European Commission will propose that the European Union further tighten its auto emissions limits, according to a draft document seen by Reuters on Friday, prompting a pushback from Germany’s car industry, the region’s biggest.Under the proposal, by 2030 the average carbon dioxide emissions of new cars should be 50% below 2021 levels. The bloc’s current […]

Cooperate on climate or ‘we will be doomed’: UN chief

He said much now rests on the actions of major emitters, China, the US, Europe, Russia, India and Japan, in interviews with AFP and other members of Covering Climate Now, a global collaboration of news outlets committed to increased climate coverage.