Programming languages: C++ jumps in popularity as Java falls away

Google’s Go language rose three spots from a year ago to become the 11th most popular language this month, while Apple’s Swift rose from 16th to 12th spot over the period. Google’s Dart programming language, a companion to its Flutter UI framework, also rose from 24th to 20th spot. 

C++ is now the fastest-growing programming language, report says

The index ratings are based on the number of skilled engineers world-wide, courses and third party vendors. The programme’s hits on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, YouTube and Baidu are used to calculate the ratings.

Programming languages: Julia touts its speed edge over Python and R

A recent update to Julia has improved multi-threading to offer more speed enhancements, and that’s what Julia developers argue is giving it a sizable edge over Python and statistical programming language R at the task of parsing CSV files for data analysis. 

Developers: Programming language C++ is about to get this huge update

C++ was created by Danish computer scientist Bjarne Stroustrup and released 35 years ago, in 1985. The language was critical for Microsoft to build Windows, which was released to consumers in the same year. These days Microsoft is exploring Mozilla-developed Rust to replace legacy Windows code written in C and C++ because of Rust’s memory […]

Microsoft: VS Code update gets new features with programming language TypeScript 4.0

Another highlighted feature is new filtering support for the Debug Console to improve the visibility of output and conceal irrelevant logging output. Users can also filter out patterns, for example, ones starting with an exclamation mark, or filter entries only to include certain text like ‘http’. 

Microsoft’s TypeScript language: Startup reveals long journey to JavaScript spin-off

“If the team saw the change simply as a neutral shift between syntaxes, we’d never get buy-in. If the switch didn’t make their day-to-day experience more productive, inertia would win out, even if engineers generally prefer to write typed code,” wrote Autry. 

Happiest Minds: An IPO that flew under the radar in startup land

Given his age and the fact that the heydays of outsourcing were long gone, several analysts and reporters wondered if this was going to work at all. But Mr. Soota was aiming higher. He was clear from the beginning that he’ll take the company public. And he wanted Happiest Minds to become the fastest company […]

Column: Remote work is here to stay. Here’s how to make it work

Policing agencies that are geared to deal with law and order in the physical world, must gear themselves better to deal with online crime. Above all, the police must develop mechanisms to collaborate with their peers in other countries. And finally, informational privacy and security must become part of the mainstream discourse a lot more […]

HT Codeathon: Educators, students give thumbs up to coding drive

We all are making efforts for adapting to the ‘new normal’. In school education, the virtual classrooms have been the most effective tool in ensuring that the learning continues during the ongoing pandemic situation. Along with curricular activities, co-curricular activities are very important for social-emotional development. Therefore, students are introduced to different avenues for holistic […]

A keen look at groundbreaking inventions in ICT

As per Prof. Rajaraman: (1) The idea should be novel; (2) It should fulfil a need; (3) It should improve our productivity; (4) It should change the way in which computing is done and computers are used; (5) It should lead to innovations; (6) The invention must have a long life and be continuously used […]