Jimmy Kimmel Gives His Play-by-Play of Last Night’s Best Picture Mix-up, Revealing the Oscars’ True Hero: Denzel Washington

“I’m standing there like an idiot, feeling bad for these guys but also trying not to laugh, to be honest with you.” Just like you, Jimmy Kimmel will admit that he locked up during last night’s Best Picture Oscar snafu. America might still be frozen in that incredibly awkward moment in time, eyes like little […]

Senate Democrats push to include free phone calls for incarcerated people in next relief package

“As it remains unclear when effective treatment or a vaccine will be available, ensuring that incarcerated people can stay connected with their loved ones while in-person visits are suspended is critical—but we must also support solutions to help keep families connected after the pandemic,” the lawmakers wrote.

Richie Lay: On National Purple Heart Day, our Purple Heart Heroes prove we are a resilient nation

These Purple Heart heroes epitomize all that makes our country great. Each one has been willing to lay down their life for friends, family, community and country. They represent the true cost of freedom. Their selfless service is what we honor each year on National Purple Heart Day, August 7.

Coronavirus live updates: Recovery slows as California records 10,000 COVID-19 deaths

1:42 p.m. San Mateo County public health officer blasts state restrictions as ‘misdirected’: In a strongly worded statement Thursday, San Mateo County Public Health Officer Scott Morrow apologized to businesses that were shut down by state restrictions, saying the orders were “misdirected” and “will cause more harm than good.” Among other concerns, Morrow criticized the […]

Coronavirus news from the Bay Area: August 5-6

6:05 p.m. Twitter blocked new tweets from ‘Team Trump’ account: Twitter officials said Wednesday they banned Trump’s campaign account, “Team Trump,” until it removed a post containing misinformation on the coronavirus, according to the Washington Post. The account tweeted a video from a clip of an interview Trump conducted with Fox News on Wednesday morning. […]

Saudi ruler sent ‘Tiger Squad’ of 50 hitmen to Canada to assassinate rival prince’s top spy two weeks after Khashoggi murder and kidnapped his children – but contract killers were caught at border with ‘bags of forensic tools’, lawsuit says

3.28am, October 2: A private jet arrives at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport carrying some members of what Turkish media will refer to as a 15-member Saudi ‘assassination squad.’ Other members of the team arrive by two commercial flights in the afternoon. Erdogan says the team includes Saudi security and intelligence officials and a forensics expert. They […]

US President Trump Slams Germany Again Over Defence Spending, Nord Stream 2

“It is true that his language can be shocking and out of the ordinary in diplomacy and in our democracies. A president’s interventions should be infrequent and non-compulsive. He should not contradict himself or be toxic. Trump is an example of the opposite with his tweets and punchy statements,” the academic said. These worries were […]

Rising alarm as virus spreads deeper into country

“I’m not afraid that they’ll catch the virus or transmit the virus so much, but I’m worried that the virus will transmit in the school and then we’ll be back to the not knowing and back to going back and forth between virtual and in the classroom,” Frederick said.

China risks paying ‘high cost’ for South China Sea intimidation, Japan defense chief says

“They have missiles and they may have some nuclear capability,” Kono said. “We are not sure what KJU is thinking. So it is more difficult to predict what NK is trying to do, so we need to be on alert 24/7,” he said, referring to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un by his initials.

Exclusive — Bill Hagerty: ‘I Know How To Hit China Where It Hurts,’ Let’s Make ‘Made in the USA’ America’s Theme Again

“They’ve been enormously helpful to my campaign and we are very well aligned on what’s important to us,” Hagerty said. “We want to see our economy going again. We want to see a very strong national defense. And we want to hold China accountable. I’m very pleased to have strong conservative leaders like Marsha Blackburn […]