Eric Gordon Dominates Daily Fantasy on 1/27… Derrick White Crushes DFS Owners

Danuel House Jr. (HOU 21 pts, 11 reb, 2 ast, 5 stl) was priced at $3500 and based on the active 1/27 pool, he delivered 28.5 more FPs than his salary ‘expected’. His usage (20.4) and minutes (46) were higher than his average usage of 13.2 and avg minutes of 31. House Jr. averages 7.7 […]

Faf du Plessis escapes sanction over on-field collision with Jos Buttler

Faf du Plessis has escaped sanction from the International Cricket Council for his on-field collision with England’s Jos Buttler on the final day of the fourth Test – but Stuart Broad has been punished for swearing at the South Africa captain during the same incident.

Huge University Holds White Privilege Workshop. Only 9 Students Show Up.

“Understanding the meaning and implications of whiteness and engaging in anti-racist practice is crucial in creating racial equity. This space is for all undergraduate and graduate students at UNC Charlotte who are interested in engaging in conversations to assist in their understanding of how racism is perpetuated individually, culturally, and systemically. This space is intended […]

Melton Cup: Ricky May can inspire an emotional win for AG’s White Socks after his brush with death

Champion Kiwi driver Ricky May is AG’s White Socks regular driver. He’s been aboard for 43 of his 52 starts and driven him to eight of his 12 wins, but it was a drive not in the records books which was one of the scariest and most extraordinary things ever seen on a racetrack.

Why I — a Bland White Guy You’ve Never Heard Of — Am Running for President

The Democrats who’ve already declared are all fine public servants. In ordinary times, I’d be content to support just about any of them. But these are not ordinary times. Today, the American people don’t just need good presidential candidates. They need ones who are willing to level with them, no matter the political costs. I […]

‘BCCI should retire Number 12 jersey’ – Sporting fraternity applauds Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi paji! I still remember when I played my 2nd test match against Pakistan in Bangalore and u were there I was quietly sitting in a corner as I was youngster, so you approached me and said-tension na le enjoy the journey of test cricket! 😝All the best for future!! @YUVSTRONG12

Lewis Carroll 188th birth anniversary: Why reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is a treat for children and adults

Found to be a common disorder among children, a psychiatrist called John Todd found that patients reported the feeling of “opening out like a telescope”. This syndrome has been further studied by Grant Liu at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia where it was found that this disorder causes its patients to see things upside […]

Mia Farrow: Bernie’s Got the Right Vision for America, but He Can’t Beat Trump

Additionally, an NBC10 Boston/Franklin Pierce University/Boston Herald poll released this week showed Sanders topping his rivals in New Hampshire with 29 percent support, just weeks ahead of the state’s primary. Other polls released this week reflect a Sanders surge, particularly in California and Utah.

Can rugby help unite South Africa again?

Former SARU media adviser and rugby commentator Mark Keohane believes South Africans have been “blinkered by success.” When the team does well, it’s as if rugby in South Africa, and the country in general, has changed. When the team is doing poorly, everyone’s an analyst and we’re back to 1993.

Why 2028 could be the year that reshapes, expands and completely alters Major League Baseball

Perhaps that means the Braves wind up in the AL South and the Orioles in the NL East in our proposed divisions above, making travel much easier for every team in those divisions. I dunno. I do know the DH is coming to the NL at some point. It is inevitable, and I think the […]