52 Percent of Americans Say Jesus Isn’t God but Was a Great Teacher, Survey Says

As earlier reported by The Christian Post, the 2020 survey conducted by Ligonier Ministries, a Florida-based Reform Church nonprofit, found 52 percent of U.S. adults say they believe Jesus Christ is not God — a belief that contradicts traditional teachings of the Bible through the Christian church, which state Jesus was both man and God.

Ukrainian church leader who called Covid-19 ‘God’s punishment’ for same-sex marriage tests positive for virus

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church–Kiev Patriarchate is one of the largest Christian denominations in the country. Members of the Kiev Patriarchate made up about 25% of Ukraine’s 27.8 million Orthodox believers in 2016, according to the Ukrainian think tank Razumkov Centre.

Donald Trump says flying the Confederate flag is ‘freedom of speech’ after lashing out at NASCAR for banning it in latest culture war intervention

‘The whole point of the tweet was to note the incident, the alleged hate crime that, in fact, was not a hate crime. At the very end, the ban on the flag was mentioned the broader context of the fact that he rejects this notion that somehow NASCAR men and women who go to the […]

Children of God survivor wants justice for others

Children of God rapist jailed for ‘horrific’ offences The siblings who escaped the Children of God cult Children of God cult was ‘hell on earth’ Hope first reported what happened to her to police in Watford in 2004. After an extensive enquiry – spanning the UK, France and India – it was decided to pursue […]

After 11 miscarriages, God answered my prayers — Linda Adedeji

Most importantly, you must have a good storyline, good cast, good director, good locations and great crew and of course, with good money you can produce a good Yoruba movie. Comparing an actor with a producer, I would say being an actor alone, you will have to wait for someone to call you and give […]

Suniel Shetty: It hurts me a lot when people say ‘film industry gutter hai’, it’s not fair

“I am a human. I chose that, and fitness as my mantra in life. I can’t go around saying ‘I am the cleanest guy in the world’, no, there are a lot of flaws in me. Let’s not go extreme again. My upbringing has been like this, I had a simple background and stuck to […]

Rhea Chakraborty arrest: Kubbra Sait reminds ‘still not a murderer’, Rhea Kapoor says ‘we settled on vilifying a young girl’

Rhea’s lawyer Satish Maneshinde called her arrest a ‘travesty of justice’. “Travesty of justice. Three central agencies hounding a single woman just because she was in love with a drug addict who was suffering from mental health issues for several years and died by suicide due to consumption of illegally administered medicines, drugs,” the senior […]

Amazon warehouse workers reveal their horror stories: Staff claim robots get better treatment, ex-con says it’s worse than prison and employee challenges Bezos to complete a shift there

‘We believe so strongly in the environment provided for fulfillment center employees, including our safety culture, that we offer public tours where anyone can come see for themselves one of our sites and its working conditions first-hand.’

Dolly Parton Achieves First Christian Chart No. 1: ‘It Does My Heart Good to Know That We Have Touched So Many’

“Having a No. 1 record at any time is a great thing, but having a No. 1 faith-based record during these crazy times is even greater,” Parton tells Billboard. “I feel humbled and blessed to be part of this wonderful song with Zach Williams. It does my heart good to know that we have touched […]

Stephen Hawking was wrong about AI killing humans (says robot)

The idea of GPT-3 is that it’s supposed to write like a human. But what sort of human would write: “I believe that the truth will set us free. I believe that people should become confident about computers. Confidence will lead to more trust in them. More trust will lead to more trusting in the […]