SpaceX will fly cargo to the moon for NASA

NASA has begun awarding commercial contracts under the Artemis Program, the plan to get back to the moon. SpaceX has won the first contract, guaranteeing them two delivery trips to the Lunar Gateway and giving NASA the option to order more over a 12-year period. In total, NASA has allocated $7 billion in funds for […]

House of Pee: Astronauts Could Build Settlements on Moon Using Their Urine, New Study Claims

Building settlement on the Moon is very costly. According to a recent survey, transporting even one pound (0.45 kg) into orbit costs around $ 10,000. So NASA, the ESA, and other space agencies are promoting the use of in-situ materials (taken from the place of origin). The Moon has many materials that can be used […]

Every Disney+ Movie and Show Announced So Far

On November 12th, The Walt Disney Company is aiming to change the entire entertainment landscape with the launch of its exclusive streaming service, Disney+. The service has been talked about for the last couple of years and now it’s finally time for the House of Mouse to bring it to life. With a massive library […]

Wollongong biologist’s trip to Antarctica to study ancient moss reveals impact of glacier retreat

“For instance, they put up some equipment trying to measure what’s happening with carbon, say, a grass area compared to some bare soil compared to some moss,” Ms Haynes said.

How social distancing is being encouraged in this game

If there is one buzzword that’s spread as fast as the reason of its recent popularity, it is ‘social distancing’. The coronavirus spread has spread this term throughout the world, just like ‘pandemic’ and ‘lockdown’. What if we tell you that a game may actually be promoting social distancing through its new features? The name […]

Is Hinduism fatalistic? The answer depends on the context

The other day, a journalist kept repeating over and over again how she found the doctrine of karma problematic. Of course, her understanding of karma was the kind of understanding you would find among 19th century Christian missionaries whose agenda was to prove that their version of Christianity was the true faith. It is tough […]

Why books are so important right now: SF bookstore owner tells us what people are reading

P.M. Well, that’s a big age range. My kids, now almost 14, have, at various stages, loved: Pippi Longstocking, the Ava and Pip series, The “13-Story Treehouse” (and its sequels), everything Rick Riordan, and now they’re up to things like Just Mercy and Fast Food Nation. We’re happy to reply to more specific inquiries our […]

12 Spoiler-Free Stardew Valley Tips and Tricks to Get You Started

First, we love the game and want to help ease new players into it by covering some of the basics. Second, we want to do so in the most spoiler-free way possible, as the game has a wonderful story. And, finally, by answering some of the pressing questions a new player might have about the […]