Air pollution causes 3m lost working days per year in UK, says CBI

The government’s environment bill has been delayed, but is set to return to parliament this autumn. However, as currently written it will not contain new targets on air pollution. Any binding new targets, to take over from the EU’s regulations, will not be set out until late 2022, after a consultation.

UK parents ‘worryingly unaware’ of damage from air pollution

Last year it emerged that children were absorbing a disproportionate amount of dangerous pollution on their way to and from school and while in the classroom. One school was found to have levels several times over the WHO guidelines for the most damaging particulates inside several of its classrooms.

Air pollution can intensify Covid-19

As India faces a steep rise in Covid-19 cases, it is critical to employ all reasonable strategies to decrease transmission and to lower the number of severe infections which burden the health care system. Reducing air pollution is one such strategy that may be more important for India than any other country globally. So far, […]

Emissions linked to high air pollution

“Due to these factors, 90 percent of days with severe pollution are in fall and winter, which is a disturbing concern for the public,” Zhao said, adding that the government will continue prioritizing the prevention and control of air pollution during these seasons and deploy more science-based and targeted measures.

Cabinet steps up air pollution controls

Chai Fahe, deputy head of the National Joint Research Center on Air Pollution Causes and Control, said in an interview with China Environment News last month that tackling ozone pollution could be more difficult than PM2.5, as ozone can linger in the atmosphere for longer and travel further.

Air pollution from the wildfires can make people more vulnerable to coronavirus, doctors say

“When we look ahead into the winter with seasonality kicking in, people becoming clearly less vigilant, you know mask use is down, mobility is up in the nation, you put all those together and we look like we’re going to have a very deadly December ahead of us in terms of toll of coronavirus,” IHME […]

Budget 2020: Nirmala Sitharaman allocates Rs 4400 cr for clean air

Last month, Greenpeace India which surveyed 287 cities in the country said in its Airpocalypse-IV report that Lunglei is also the only Indian city with particulate matter (PM) levels under the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) prescribed level of 20/ug/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter).

Air pollution reduction in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei area achieves notable result

Zhang Dawei, deputy director of the Department of Air of the Chinese Ministry of Ecology and Environment, announced at the forum that the average annual concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing dropped from 89.5 micrograms per cubic meter in 2013 to 42 micrograms per cubic meter in 2019, a decrease of more than 50 percent, while […]

What would you change to tackle air pollution where you live?

#SoICanBreathe is not a campaign. We wanted you to share your pictures and ideas to inspire others to post their ideas about ways they think air pollution can be reduced.

‘Wake-Up Call’: 1 European Death in 7 Linked to Increased Air Pollution, Heat Waves

The report also found that prolonged exposure to pollutants leads to diabetes, lung disease and cancer, and potentially even higher mortality rates among COVID-19 patients. Despite these startling findings, many developed countries continue to export industrial activities that cause pollution to other countries.  “It’s one interconnected world, it’s one interconnected community … and the fact […]