Cardi B vows to raise money for jailed Tiger King star Joe Exotic through GoFundMe page

Cardi also became a hit on the charts after her panicked coronavirus rant was remixed by DJ iMarkkeyz.

Allen Robinson raising money to feed students in Chicago

Robinson announced a campaign in conjunction with the Greater Chicago Food Depository to raise money for meals for students who are currently out of school. It started with a pledge last week from the Bears’ No. 12 to match $12,000 in donations, but has already gone beyond that with the help of some other Bears.

Brits who flew to US for cancer treatment for dying daughter, 6, in New York lockdown

“The Jacksons’ situation is a truly extreme example of the way in which people are being impacted by the global health crisis and we wish them all the best and will continue to support them in any way we can, as they strive to get Edie treated and home as soon and as safely as […]

The lawyer who wants more academics to ‘come out’ as working class

Don’t we need a more precise definition of working class? “We need to define class, not just working class, in the way other forms of statutory discrimination are defined – through case law. Everybody thinks they know who a child is. But one of the hardest parts of drafting the convention on children’s rights was […]

The women who don’t get out of bed for less than £10,000 a night

It’s not entirely clear what this ‘rest’ might be, but it seems to be something to do with living and working in light, airy buildings full of possibility; with being a kind of grown-up It-Girl, whose friends aren’t trashy celebs or merely rich, but people with ideas: writers and artists, architects, publishers and politicians. At […]

Coronavirus: How are Premier League clubs helping their local communities during pandemic?

Tottenham Tottenham donated surplus food and drink at the stadium intended for upcoming events to The Felix Project – a London-based charity which aims to tackle food waste and hunger in the capital. The produce has since been delivered to a number of local good causes within the Tottenham area.

From sofas and kitchens, music stars hold Coronavirus concert fundraiser

“There are doctors, nurses and scientists on the frontlines. They’re living proof that most superheroes don’t wear capes,” said John, who hosted the show from his kitchen. “We hope this bit of entertainment can feed and fuel your souls.”

Mariah Carey, More Stars Perform from Home in Coronavirus Benefit Concert

The homebound setting wasn’t a stretch for the home-schooled Eilish, who typically performs live alongside her brother-producer Finneas, who is either on guitar or piano. On Sunday, he strummed along as Eilish sang her No. 1 hit “Bad Guy” from their couch. The concert special came on the one-year anniversary of Eilish’s Grammy-winning debut album […]

James McAvoy Donates $340,000 to U.K. Health Service for Protective Gear Amid Coronavirus Crisis

“Most of us are freelance, self-employed creative workers who move from theatre to TV studio to film location to corporate training to radio to wherever we are needed, wherever a story needs to be told,” said Rylance, adding that most Equity members were not famous or rich, and were hired for their flexibility and willingness […]

2020 Watch: Will Trump lead by addition or subtraction?

It won’t be easy. Trump’s daily White House press briefings have quickly become must-see TV, no matter how much Democrats scream, while Biden’s low-fi events have been awkward at times if you can even find them. With the Democratic nomination nearly his, this isn’t the way the former vice president wanted to launch the next […]