Scott Morrison announces new $1BILLION JobTrainer scheme to help 340,000 Australians to find jobs – and expands plan cover apprentices’ wages by up to $530 a week

Victoria is hit with 238 more coronavirus cases and a woman… Australia is set to climb from number 12 to number EIGHT in…

Digital is the new buzzword for jobs of the future!

Another avenue which seems attractive, especially post the pandemic, is public services. “The pandemic has reinstated the importance of govt jobs because it gives you security. Judicial services is a charming option but students need to appear for a state-level examination for it. You can also become a public prosecutor or if you are passionate […]

Lewis Hamilton puts new deal on hold as Mercedes confirm Valtteri Bottas

“When you think about so many people in the world that have lost their jobs, people that are unemployed, then to sit and negotiate a big contract — it just doesn’t seem like the most important thing that I need to apply time to right this second.”

A Kiwi in Melbourne: I used to love Australia, but now I’m looking at NZ with longing

Jacinda Ardern is a masterful and considerate leader in every sense of the word. Scott Morrison  avoids all responsibility in favour of holding on to power. In my time here the environment has been carved up by politicians, children continue to be imprisoned on island and indigenous people ignored and persecuted.

NSW government launches new strategy to build smart tech into future infrastructure

“The redesign has focused on the portal’s home page, information architecture and the overall look and feel for users, supporting data-driven decision making and delivering better outcomes for the people of NSW,” NSW Department of Customer Service Secretary Emma Hogan said.

Aggressive New Guerrilla Tactics Target America’s Eviction Machine

The demonstrations were just the latest in a set of nationwide actions targeting the inner workings of the eviction machine. In New Orleans last week, activists chained themselves together outside a court to block landlords from filing evictions paperwork. They were partially successful, even if just for the day. Footage from the scene showed multiple […]

‘Absolutely Essential’ US Lawmakers Implement ‘Rent Moratorium’ to Save Economy – Activist

He argued that there are simply not enough jobs available to actually support the US population. Furthermore, he said, it appears that the real estate industry does not have to make many sacrifices during the pandemic. A “rent moratorium” would be a solid approach, according to Dolack.

U.S. Weekly Jobless Claims Unexpectedly Fall to 1.19 Million, Lowest Level of Coronavirus Pandemic

The insured unemployment rate was 11.0 percent for the week ending July 25, a decline of 0.6 percentage points from the previous week’s unrevised rate. This is calculated on a different basis than the unemployment rate that will be reported in tomorrow’s employment report. That rate includes all those looking for work rather than just […]

Work-from-home Twitter mob rounds on Kirstie Allsopp after she said employees should return to the office to ‘prove their worth’ or risk losing their job in mass Covid job losses

The pile-on continued as another moaned in response: ‘But you completely devalue someone’s worth as an individual. We are not robots. And working from home works. I wish people (especially women) could be more open minded as it’s such a help for working mums.’

Report: Bulls likely to keep Jim Boylen as coach for financial reasons

That’s obviously great news for Boylen. He has improved significantly since taking over last season. More time on the job could allow him to grow into it. That said, improving from a near-mutiny in his early days doesn’t exactly mean he’s in an acceptable place now. Boylen still has a long way to go, and […]