Boris Johnson Reportedly Facing Tory Revolt Over Plan to Override Brexit Deal

“I made it perfectly clear to Vice-President Sefcovic that we would not be withdrawing this legislation. He understood that. Of course he regretted it,” said Gove. The outlet suggests that the UK government intends to fast-track the legislation through the Commons by the end of the month.

UK, EU kick off fresh Brexit talks as ‘no-deal’ looms

“If [the EU] does not show the degree of flexibility and realism that we want them to show, then we’ll leave with the kind of trading arrangements that Australia and other countries have and we think that is also a good arrangement for the future,” British Housing Minister Robert Jenrick told Sky News.

Airport bosses warn Boris Johnson of ‘irreparable’ economic damage unless quarantine scrapped

Dozens of Tory MPs are expected to urge the Government to back airport testing and regional travel corridors in a debate in the House of Commons on Thursday.

Boris Johnson threatens to override Brexit deal, which EU says would break international law

Rob Ford, a professor of politics at the University of Manchester, said moves by the Johnson administration “sometimes feel like a squid squirting a great pile of ink just to startle its predator. . . . They create a fog of rhetoric that creates a cover for retreating, just as the squid does.” He said […]

Birmingham faces looming lockdown as West Midlands mayor admits city-wide restrictions now ‘very likely’ as symptom-tracking app warns infections ARE rising across the UK

But Health Secretary Matt Hancock made clear this morning that the government is ready to step up the restrictions again if necessary. He praised action taken to slash socialising in Belgium, where a curfew was imposed and appears to have helped stabilise cases. 

Johnson’s Ultimatum ‘Sensible Ploy’ Positioning London as Adaptable to No-Deal Outcome, Analyst Says

Henry Bolton: We have got to be able to ensure facilitated trade across our borders. The second issue is about immigration and our maritime borders. Obviously there have been these migrants coming across in small boats across the channel, increasing numbers – that will probably fade off somewhat when it comes to the winter and the […]

Head of UK Government’s Legal Dep’t Quits Over Johnson’s Attempts to Alter Brexit Deal, Reports Say

The UK withdrew from the EU on 31 January. The two have agreed to a transition period until 31 December to negotiate bilateral trade terms. The key issues they disagree on are regulations on fisheries and state aid.

Boris slams ‘outrageous’ Novichok poisoning of Putin critic Alexei Navalny with same agent used in Salisbury attack

Viktor Yushchenko - Left disfigured after consuming food laced with chemical TCDD also in September 2004. Managed to recover and win the Ukrainian presidency on a pro-West platform – serving from 2005 to 2010

UK’s ‘Moonshot’ mass virus test plan met with skepticism

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Wednesday he wanted to roll out much simpler, faster mass testing “in the near future” to identify people who don’t have the virus so that they can “behave in a more normal way in the knowledge they can’t infect anyone else.” Johnson said people with such negative “passports” could then […]

UK’s ‘Moonshot’ mass virus test plan met with skepticism

The U.K. has Europe’s worst death toll from the virus, with nearly 41,600 deaths within 28 days of testing positive. The actual toll is believed to be far higher as the government tally doesn’t include those who died without having been tested.