‘I will NOT back down’: Boris Johnson defies EU fury at threat to ‘tear up’ Brexit divorce terms on Northern Ireland after Michel Barnier warns it would mean NO trade deal – but PM says that would still be a ‘good outcome’ for the UK

‘It is a very blunt instrument,’ the insider told the FT. ‘The bill will explicitly say the government reserves the right to set its own regime, directly setting up UK law in opposition with obligations under the withdrawal agreement, and in full cognisance that this will breach international law.’

The days could be numbered for Boris Johnson’s Trump tribute act

Likewise, Downing Street is coy about praise from Trump, who hails Johnson as a fellow traveller and sees Brexit as the twin project to his own presidency. The cultural affinity is strong enough. As campaigns they mined similar grievances, probed parallel divisions. In government they have a common ethos of ripping up rules, ignoring constitutions […]

Cabinet minister admits Boris Johnson’s plans to tear up Brexit divorce deal WILL break international law as top Government lawyer quits hours before talks restart and Theresa May warns UK will ‘no longer be trusted’

‘Given the expectation that additional pressure on the health and social care system created by Covid-19 is likely to continue into and past the winter of 2020 (a time when the service is stretched each year) we expect the sector to continue to experience a significant burden and risk being overwhelmed.’

This Labour MP made an incredible gaffe. But then Boris Johnson went one better

At PMQs a little later, Mr Burgon could be seen standing near the door of the chamber, wearing a contemplative frown. I wondered what was on his mind. Perhaps something like: “Ah. So that’s why the little man in the big chair keeps calling that posh man Prime Minister.”

Boris Johnson ‘could drop plans to tear up parts of Brexit deal if EU limits Irish Sea checks’ – as PM accuses Brussels of trying to break up UK’s ‘territorial integrity’

Shadow international trade secretary Emily Thornberry said: ‘Trade with Japan represented 2.21 per cent of our global total last year, and under the best case scenario put forward by the Government, today’s agreement will see that total increase by just 0.07 percentage points each year, simply maintaining the levels of growth seen since 2015, and […]

Sir Keir Starmer tells Boris Johnson Labour will BACK the PM’s Brexit plans – if he scraps EU divorce deal proposals that would break international law

He said: ‘At a time when we are all doing everything we can do to follow social distancing rules, ministers are on the television and radio justifying why it is OK for them to break international law. It is as ludicrous as it is frustrating.’

Ex-Attorney General Geoffrey Cox joins huge Tory revolt against Boris Johnson’s plan to break Brexit divorce terms ahead of crucial vote on new law in the Commons TONIGHT

Tory veteran Sir Roger Gale confirmed he will vote against the second reading of the legislation tonight. He said: ‘I am not a serial rebel, but I do have principles. If we enter into an international agreement, we have to stand by it.’ 

Boris Draws Red Line: UK Will Go for Clean Break if No EU Deal by Oct 15th

Lord Frost said the EU would have to learn to take this prime minister at his word, telling the Mail on Sunday: “We came in after a Government and negotiating team that had blinked and had its bluff called at critical moments and the EU had learned not to take our word seriously.

Collateral Damage by Kim Darroch review – insulted by Trump, abandoned by Johnson

As ambassador, Darroch had to sell Brexit to his American interlocutors, regardless of personal feeling. He told them it was going well, even though it wasn’t. He describes the 18 months up until May’s resignation as the hardest of his career. Meanwhile, the spectre of Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation hung over the White House – […]

Brexit: Johnson ‘Lacks Ambition’ and ‘Needs to Put the Great Back Into Great Britain’, Pundit Says

Winston: I’m not confident and we cannot sit back and just allow Coronavirus to consume us. It’s as though there’s a greater agenda out there and the more we sit back, I don’t care if I have to glove up and put on the old gloves again and get back out there in the ring […]