Scientists worry Washington’s political crackdown may lead to Chinese brain-drain

There have been increasing reports on probes or arrests involving scientists of Chinese descent by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, raising doubts over the agency’s claim that it does not conduct investigations based solely on race, ethnicity or national origin. Enditem

Brain drain: Loss of leadership experience at Air NZ raises culture concerns for union

Like the Government, Air New Zealand went hard and early in its response to Covid-19. Just days into New Zealand’s alert level 4 lockdown in March the airline said it would be downsizing to a third of what it was pre-pandemic.

NEP 2020 is a major step towards making India a knowledge economy, says PM Modi

The NEP is ‘amrit’ which has emerged after a lot of manthan (deliberation), Modi said. “People all around feel the NEP is their own policy. After deciding what the NEP should be the country has moved a step ahead and discussing its implementation,” he added.

Woman, 23, is diagnosed with a brain bleed that had been a hidden ‘ticking time bomb’ since birth after collapsing on a night out with friends

Cabin crew member Jade, who now has aphasia (a condition affecting her speech), dyslexia and a loss of part of her eyesight, remained in hospital from November 9 to December 18 and had to learn how to read, write, walk and talk all over again.

NIMHANS develops new Indian Brain Templates, brain atlas

“While the vast majority of these differences are structural and are not associated with intelligence or behaviour, they do present a practical challenge of matching up similar regions across people, which is necessary for accurate measurements. These new population- and age-specific Indian brain templates will allow more reliable tracking of brain development and ageing, similar […]

Two Boys in U.S. Die From Brain Eating Amoeba

Josiah, from Houston, became ill at the start of September, suffering from sickness and a fever. His mother Maria said doctors initially thought it was a viral infection but she was later told he was suffering from a brain eating amoeba. “There was a very slim to none chance for him and I wish he […]

Fossilised APE tooth unearthed in India belongs to the earliest known ancestor of the modern-day gibbon that lived 13 million years ago, study finds

‘Knowing that gibbon and orangutan ancestors existed in the same spot together in northern India 13 million years ago, and may have a similar migration history across Asia, is pretty cool.’

Special Frontier Force: India’s secret weapon against PLA

Initially, the Indian Army strongly resisted this new force. Facing severe criticism in 1963 and eager to prove his force’s worth, the SFF chief sent 120 Tibetan soldiers for an army field exercise, codenamed Garuda. This proved to be a dramatic success for the SFF.

Govind Swarup, pioneer of radio astronomy in India, dies at 91

In the 1980s, Swarup thought of a radio telescope even bigger than the one at Ooty and began his Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope project. It uses 30 fully steerable parabolic radio telescopes of 45 metre diameter the information from which is then superimposed to create the whole picture.

Lakes overflow, turn spotlight on drain management

B.S. Prahlad, BBMP’s chief engineer (stormwater drains), claimed the carrying capacity of drains was around 50 mm. He said the city had received nearly 140 mm of rains in the span of a few hours. He claimed that regular maintenance of drains had been taken up across the city and that encroachments were being cleared […]