Why do we cry – and what can we learn from our tears?

It is common for people to scoff at tears as a behaviour and a subject of investigation. Tears are, they say, feminine, self-indulgent and melodramatic. It is not hard to notice, in those beliefs, the patriarchal assumptions about what should be valued and what should be mocked. Writing teachers will instruct students not to show […]

Time is now for sustainable motor racing, and for women, says ‘female Elon Musk’

As a female CEO in an industry notoriously dominated by men, Cevolini admits she has faced challenges. She told CNN it was difficult to be taken seriously when she founded the company. “It still is difficult,” she says. “Things are changing, but I think it’s also a push for ourselves as women in the technological […]

Escorted out by security, told to use ‘English’ names and to ‘go back’ to foreign countries: More than HALF of minority MPs say they have experienced racism and prejudice in the Houses of Parliament

Speaking about her experience, Ms Siddiq told ITV: ’Speaking to a colleague of a mine, she looked at me in astonishment and said you know you’re having a girl because normally they don’t tell people of Asian origin they’re having a girl because you know, then Asian people decide, …. and I looked at her and […]

A man was awarded over $150K after he was denied a license plate that read ‘IM GOD’

“I’m thankful to finally have the same opportunity to select a personal message for my license plate just as any other driver,” Hart said in a statement in November. “There is nothing inappropriate about my view that religious beliefs are subject to individual interpretation.”

When Shahrukh Khan RIPPED APART Amar Singh For Making Suhana CRY & Asking Gauri Khan To Apologize!

SRK: My Wife Will Not Apologise To Anyone “What I said was a joke. If you can’t take a joke, don’t come for these events. They’re meant for the fraternity. You make a big issue and ask my wife to apologise? Balls. My wife will not apologise to anyone,” had concluded SRK.

Ariana Grande Says Manchester Bombing ‘Is Still So Heavy on My Heart’: ‘It’s Very Painful’

Here’s what Scooter Braun, Grande’s manager, tells me about what happened last summer, after the terrorist attack in Manchester. Grande had flown home to stay at her grandmother’s house in Boca Raton, Florida, and Braun met her there, where he asked her to do something that, he says, he knew at the time was unfair. […]

Spanking can lead to relationship violence, study says

“Once or twice is almost surely no big deal, and the real problem is the parents who are doing it a lot. … It’s really the parents who are using it regularly and intentionally as a form of discipline,” said George Holden, professor and chairman of the Department of Psychology at Southern Methodist University in […]

‘She lost her mind’: Steve Madden says Iggy Azalea’s ‘temper tantrum’ over photo shoot was ‘terrible’… but he will still work with her

‘It’s really a full circle moment for me to get to share this tiny little label with Steve inside a shoe (haha), not just another celebrity cosign. I put all my love and passion into these shoes because this project is sentimental to me. I hope when you see them u girls LOvE!,’ she wrote. 

NFL legend’s fake cry during interview goes viral

The former tight end called time on his career when he was a part of Rob Gronkowski’s ‘retirement crew’ FOX parody earlier this month, and has big plans outside of the NFL, with the 36-year-old telling Elle Duncan and Matt Barrie he was about to film a new movie.

NYC Prosecutors Are Keeping Lists of Police Officers Who Lie Too Much to Be Trusted in Court

Luckily for Mullins — a flamboyant racist and purveyor of unhinged threats against his own mayor — these realities are not mutually exclusive: The Brooklyn DA’s office can have pursued ill-advised prosecutions in the past and not want lying police officers to lose cases for it in the future. This impulse seems at a special […]