George Clooney is forced to prove he can cut his own hair with a thrifty Flowbee after claiming he’s used one for 22 years… but admits his assistant really does all the work for him

The Thrifty Flowbee: A Brief History First hitting the US market in 1988, the Flowbee was invented by Rick E. Hunts, who at the time was a San Diego-based carpenter. After initially selling them out of his car, they went on to become an infomercial staple, with two million of the devices being sold by 2000.

Fuming woman writes angry note to neighbour who she thinks nicked her takeaway – so who do you think is in the right?

Elsewhere on Fabulous, one thrifty mum who didn’t buy any luxuries for a year and saved £25,000 shares her top five money saving tips.

Piers Morgan pleads Susanna Reid to take sexy naked photo for 50th birthday

“And then my mind went to how much embarrassment it would cause the children,” Susanna quipped. “And Apple, who is Gwyneth’s 16-year-old daughter, just put one word on the comments section – ‘Mum’

Best handmade Christmas gifts for 2020 featured on Amazon

5. Personalised Wooden Phone Stand This wooden docking station is a great idea for your home office space or bedside table. It’s customisable and made from walnut wood, offering a sturdy place for your gadgets to rest. There’s even a cut out at the bottom suitable for convenient charging.

Covid-19: UK’s speedy vaccine approval sparks debate

Did Brexit help the UK authorise a vaccine first? Health Secretary Hancock sparked controversy when he said on Wednesday morning that British authorities couldn’t have moved so quickly if the UK was still a member of the European Union. That drew a rebuke from the EU, which pointed out that Britain was still governed by […]

‘I thought I might be going into labour last night’: Pregnant Ashley James reveals she had a ‘false alarm’ when she felt like ‘someone was punching my cervix’

‘Being single for 6 years taught me so much about my self, allowed me to work on areas I needed to in myself (and learn a lot of lessons about myself), and gave me the power and knowledge to know that life is perfectly wonderful alone.’

Aerial target drone ‘Banshee’ found in Chennai

The vehicle has the word ‘target’ written on its wings and on its body, ‘Banshee’ and number 7145 has been painted. It has an electrical component in its head. Some portions in the rear, including a propeller, are missing, the fishermen said.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Death — Dies from Congestive Heart Failure at 79

Dr. Arnold Klein, Taylor’s longtime friend and doctor, tells TMZ, “She’s the greatest human being I’ve ever known. She used her celebrity not just for fame but to change the world. Elizabeth gave AIDS a face and that’s when people started accepting it as a disease.”

‘Blue Bloods’ EP Kevin Wade On Tonight’s Season 11 Debut, Whoopi Goldberg, Police Brutality, & Pandemic Production

DEADLINE: You brought it up, so I wanted to talk a bit more about how you handle the pandemic in the season opener. Vanessa Ray’s Eddie spends a lot of the episode trying to help a woman who lost her father due to coronavirus and his body has gone missing in the system. Eventually, they […]

An insider’s guide to Jodhpur: blue buildings and green energy

Acknowledging the potential of solar power (incidentally, the city is commonly known as Sun City), the Indian Institute of Technology has a new centre for researching solar energy, while India’s first solar train is set for a trial run from the city. Commercial establishments are increasingly incorporating solar power, having received incentives from the government […]