Why does this coalition wobble like a jelly at every whinge and wail from the Left?

Take a piece of paper and draw a line down the centre. To the left, write the issues on which Mr Cameron has retreated or on which he may have to make concessions. On the right of the line, write the issues on which Mr Cameron has imposed his view without any dilution of intentions.

Chinese anti-coronavirus inspector uses his kung fu moves to prevent a man from returning to his home after his village was locked down

China’s top legislative committee on Monday passed a proposal to ban all trade and consumption of wild animals, a practice believed responsible for the country’s deadly disease.

Louisiana governor calls for judge who admitted to using the n-word to resign

District Judge Jessie LeBlanc, who is white, is facing increasing pressure to step down after she admitted to using “n***er” at least three times “in a moment of a heated exchange” in text messages from 2018 that she sent to then-Assumption Parish Chief Deputy Bruce Prejean, with whom she says she was having an extramarital […]

Hobbyist musician uses computer algorithm to compose every melody possible in the key of C, then releases it for free online in the hopes of minimizing frivolous copyright suits of simple songs

Riehl and Rubin hope that by sharing their tools, others might expand on their work, focusing on other keys, different melody lengths, and potentially expanding from a standard 8-note scale to a 12-note scale, which includes all the flats and sharps excluded in a conventional major or minor scale.

MAFS star, 48, claims sleep machine keeps her ‘youthful’ — but does it really work?

“In wearing her sleep machine on national TV, Mishel has become perhaps the second person to talk publicly on national TV about a condition that affects so many Australians. She may even have been the first woman, a milestone all the more significant because of the way OSA affects women in a clinical sense but […]

Apple does not ‘let bad guys use iPhones on screen’

Danny Boyle’s 2008 hit Slumdog Millionaire swept all before it, winning eight Academy Awards, but Coca-Cola and Mercedes wanted nothing to do with the rags-to-riches story of a boy from the slums. The movie’s producers didn’t ask for permission to use the brands in the film, and when they did later, the companies bristled at […]

I Don’t Fall Sick Any More, Former NNPC Staff Reveals What He Used and How You Can Also Benefit

This is what I used and also gave to my 2 daughters who were falling sick frequently due to weak immune system, no more weekly/monthly sickness in my house. I see this as my little way trying to help the general public by sharing authentic solution just as Le Wei shared with me. Imagine amount […]

Apple tells moviemakers that villains can’t use iPhones, Rian Johnson says

“Apple, they let you use iPhones in movies, but—and this is very pivotal if you’re ever watching a mystery movie—bad guys cannot have iPhones on camera,” Johnson said. Johnson said he was reluctant to reveal that tidbit “because it’s going to screw me on the next mystery movie that I write,” but he added, “forget it, […]

Feds used FISA, possible stingray to spy on Giuliani-connected businessman, filing says

“The government does not deny a single factual contention made by the defense,” the attorneys said. “Nor do these facts exist in a vacuum. We submit they must be considered in the context of the extensive surveillance of foreign and United States persons that is undertaken daily by the government, in particular, law enforcement queries […]

UPDATE 1-Moscow court case challenges city’s facial recognition use after launch

Lawyer and activist Alena Popova and opposition politician Vladimir Milov of the Solidarnost party filed a case against Moscow’s Department of Technology (DIT), which manages the capital’s video surveillance programme, seeking to ban the technology’s use at mass events and protests.