How taking a frrreezing plunge can make midlife happier and healthier: LORRAINE CANDY reveals why icy dips in lidos, lakes and the sea give her a daily high

That’s how it goes with wild swimming, or cold water immersion. It’s a curious dance of fear and loathing followed by an addictive and inexplicable joy. I’ve been doing it regularly come rain, shine or driving sleet for more than five years now. Wearing only a flimsy Lycra swimming costume, I’ve plunged into the icy […]

It’s okay to admit you have family fatigue

But family fatigue can be a serious problem too. A lot of young people have given up their independent lives and headed home to their parents in the pandemic so they can isolate better, help care for those in the family who need it, and live rent-free since they can work from anywhere (or, in […]

2020 Election Live Updates: Trump wants to ‘outlaw’ sanctuary city practices; California prepares for election unrest

3:42 p.m. Judge strikes down Michigan ban on open carry of guns at polls: Voters in the swing state of Michigan may be allowed to open carry guns in polling places on election day after all. A Michigan judge granted a preliminary injunction Tuesday blocking the state’s top elections official from implementing a directive that […]

Schools Don’t Seem To Be COVID Hotbeds. That Doesn’t Mean They Should All Open, Scientists Say.

Countries where schools have opened have seen a dizzying array of outcomes. In Spain, for instance, cases spiked when schools were closed and kept rising when they opened. But in the United Kingdom, infections were low during the summer break and rose after schools reopened. In Croatia, meanwhile, cases rose during the break, then dropped […]

Trump Said Don’t Let COVID Dominate Your Life. These Millennials Don’t Know If They Will Ever Get Better.

I just switched to long-term disability, which means my doctors think I may never get better and will need assistance for a long time. COVID has severely damaged my lungs and caused me to have a stroke. It’s hard to comprehend that I need a cane and a walker to move, when I have the […]