‘Selena: The Series’ trailer charts late singer’s rise

In the trailer, actress Christian Serratos (“The Walking Dead”) plays the Tejano star in various stages of her career, from the early days of her rise until her tragic death at age 23. (A younger actress plays her as a child.)

At Work with LVRN, the Hit-Making Music Collective Driven by a Love of Love

COVID also inspired your company to push forward a platform that gives freelance workers a chance to apply for LVRN’s latest animation and graphic-design projects.SF: To Carlon’s credit, it was probably week two of lockdown: We were trying to figure out how we could take care of people close to us that we knew would […]

Freddie Flintoff’s heartbreaking dressing room prep so he could keep being sick at Ashes

Freddie, who lost three-and-a-half stone when he took up the sport, said: ” I had never had abs and I wanted them. I killed myself to get abs, I was on a diet where I had no energy then I looked in the mirror and saw them and thought ‘why don’t I feel happier than […]

[email protected] sick unto death — Cardinal Okogie

“Thirdly, Nigeria needs to be rescued from the 1999 Constitution. That Constitution sets up government in a way that is unfair to the people of Nigeria. It is an irony that a foundational document such as a country’s constitution, a document that ought to facilitate and protect our land and our well-being, sets up Nigeria […]

White House: Trump to Stay at Military Hospital for ‘Next Few Days’ After COVID-19 Diagnosis

“My main takeaway is that we have this chaotic health care system, chaotic leadership, which even at its best has to deal with the fact that you have no real public health care system, and you have a chaotic mess of a health care system. And certainly, whatever one thinks of the virus in general, […]

Covid-19 positive Smriti Irani jokes about falling sick just when she ‘started having her veggies’; shares hilarious meme

In her tweet posting about the news, Smriti requested those who came in contact with her to get themselves tested. She had written, “It is rare for me to search for words while making an announcement; hence here’s me keeping it simple — I’ve tested positive for #COVID and would request those who came in […]

New York’s Movie-Famous Strand Bookstore Says Funds Depleted, Makes Customer Plea

📚 Thank you SO much for your support of Book Soup and our parent store, Vroman’s in Pasadena! Keep shopping local and keeping community alive. The fight continues! This doesn’t end when 2020 does, so let’s keep spreading the love and voting with our dollars. And read the info below! 💛 Repost @vromansbookstore: Friends, the […]

Catholic Poland tightens abortion laws, making it illegal to end a pregnancy due to foetal defects – sparking protests across the country

‘To throw in the subject of abortion and produce a ruling by a pseudo-tribunal in the middle of a raging pandemic is more than cynicism. It is political wickedness,’ said Donald Tusk, head of the main centre-right group in the European Parliament and a former prime minister of Poland.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 2 release date may get pushed to late 2021, analyst predicts

Whenever the Galaxy Z Flip 2 does arrive, a recent specs leak suggests that it will have a larger external screen, bigger battery and an upgraded hinge, compared to the Z Flip 1’s outer-facing 1.1-inch display, 3,300mAh battery and hinge that, in our review, left a “crease on the screen side where the hinge is […]

Still no stimulus check? The IRS is helping people register for payment before it’s too late

With the registration event, which takes place on November 10, the IRS and its partner groups are hoping to get the word out before the November 21 deadline. As part of the effort, the groups are translating resources and communications into 35 languages, and the IRS said it will offer “special support” for people who […]