Ryley Walker Explains Why He Covered an Entire Dave Matthews Band Album

Reimagining this unfinished, lost DMB album was in no way meant to be us saying, “Here’s what this thing could have been,” or a “finishing the masterpiece” thing for Dave. DMB was and is an American institution for lots of midwestern kids from near ghost towns. DMB was your first concert, your first wasted-at-a-concert concert. […]

Ohio attorney general thinks OSU should sue if Big Ten does not start football in the fall

As pressure mounts on the Big Ten conference to hold its college football season this fall, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost thinks that Ohio State University should sue the Big Ten conference if the conference does not reverse course to start the fall college football season.

Santosh’s interest in Arsikere triggers speculation of him being ticket aspirant

Asked whether he would contest on BJP ticket from Arsikere in the next election, he said he does not wish to identify himself as a ticket aspirant. “I am only a party worker. And workers are free to work anywhere in the State in the interest of the party,” he said.

Don’t panic, Virgin Media customers, there’s life after Dave

4) Reenact shows Can’t stomach life without your favourite Dave shows? Simply recreate them at home! Alex Horne has written a Taskmaster book for precisely this purpose, for instance. But why stop there? Why not reenact Timber Kings by building a log cabin in your garden? Why not reenact American Pickers by rifling through barns […]

How Triggers From Your Childhood Shape Your Parenting

So most of us have some unprocessed emotions from childhood, which is another way of saying we’re lugging these unprocessed feelings and memories around in our emotional backpacks. This unconscious “baggage” will inevitably get triggered as we go through life. It sends us right into our unconscious, which means we do and say things that […]

Scottish Labour MSPs attempt to trigger leadership contest

The letter argues: “The precedent has been set by the Labour Party that a leader can be challenged with the backing of 20% of the parliamentary party and our understanding of the Scottish Labour Party and Labour Party Rule books confirm that this is the case.

Oxford and AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine trial is put on HOLD as British volunteer has ‘serious’ reaction ‘that triggered spinal cord infection’

The team have genetically engineered a virus to look like the coronavirus – to have the same spike proteins on the outside – but be unable to cause any infection inside a person. This virus, weakened by genetic engineering, is a type of virus called an adenovirus, the same as those which cause common colds, […]

UK ‘could impose tariffs on French Champagne, German cars and Irish beef’ if the EU triggers a trade war as post-Brexit tensions continue to grow

Some are even pushing for the Government to axe the treaty entirely, with one Tory MP saying: ’The problem is that we have seen the EU can misuse the Withdrawal Agreement and at the moment it still stands if we walk away from trade talks.’ 

Afghan peace talks open in Doha, 19 years after 9/11 triggered war

The opening ceremony for talks between the Afghan government and Taliban insurgents began in Qatar’s capital Doha on Saturday, marking the start of negotiations aimed at ending two decades of war that has killed tens of thousands of combatants and civilians.

How long does coronavirus immunity REALLY last? 82-year-old man who recovered from the disease caught it again just 10 days later – ending up in intensive care BOTH times

Writing in the study, which has not yet been published in a scientific journal or reviewed by other scientists, the scientists said: ‘The seasonal coronaviruses are the most representative virus group from which to conclude general coronavirus characteristics, particularly common denominators like dynamics of immunity and susceptibility to reinfection.