Michelle Obama, Sanders, Kasich to be featured on first night of Democratic convention: report

The lineup, which represents a broad ideological cross-section, is part of a broader theme of unity against President TrumpDonald John TrumpTrump suggests some states may ‘pay nothing’ as part of unemployment plan Trump denies White House asked about adding him to Mount Rushmore Trump, US face pivotal UN vote on Iran MORE and in support […]

‘Becoming’ Director Nadia Hallgren On Traveling The World With Michelle Obama For Emmy-Nominated Documentary

“That’s something that I had personally never thought about, while those events were unfolding on the ground in America. I never thought to myself, ‘Oh, what does Mrs. Obama think about this, as a Black American?’” Hallgren comments. “For me, that was also something really important to include, not just her as a public figure, […]

Willie Brown: Kamala Harris should ‘politely decline’ any offer to be Biden’s running mate

“Given the department’s current disarray under William BarrBill BarrGOP lawmaker calls for Justice Dept. to probe international court Barr pulls over to thank pro-police rally in Virginia Trump: Yates either lying or grossly incompetent MORE, just showing up and being halfway sane will make the new AG a hero,” he wrote. “Best of all, being […]

The Senate Is America’s Most Structurally Racist Institution

The Senate’s pro-white bias is a problem the political system is only beginning to absorb. When Barack Obama urged his party to honor John Lewis’s civil-rights legacy by passing a bill to guarantee democratic reforms like voting rights, statehood for Puerto Rico and D.C., and an end to the filibuster, which he called a “relic […]

North Korea suffers another Internet outage, hurls racial slur at Pres. Obama

An apparent DDoS attack knocked North Korea off the ‘net earlier this week, and it experienced another mass outage Saturday evening. This one even affected North Korea’s telecommunication networks, according to Chinese state-run Xinhua news agency (via AFP).

Trump’s contempt for advice and consent

Following revelations that Anthony Tata labelled Barack ObamaBarack Hussein ObamaWhy payroll tax cut opponents may want to reconsider Michelle Obama, Sanders, Kasich to be featured on first night of Democratic convention: report Graham says he appreciates Trump orders, but ‘would much prefer a congressional agreement’ MORE a “terrorist,” whose “Islamic roots” led him to “help […]

Joe Concha slams WaPo reporter’s tweet on Trump, Obama executive orders: ‘Trump Derangement Syndrome’

“Opinion is the sizzle that gets you viral and I think more and more reporters, journalists, like to share their feelings like a dear diary sort of entry because they know if it’s provocative enough, then that brings attention to them,” he concluded. “The celebrity aspect, the opinion aspect has taken over this business over facts.”

Many landmark restaurants, bars won’t reopen after virus

Up for sale in Austin, Texas, is a former gas station converted in 1933 into a restaurant and music venue called Threadgill’s, where the many acts that performed there in the 1960s included an unknown University of Texas student named Janis Joplin, before she became a superstar.

Michael Keaton, Newly Relevant, Soars Into the Spotlight in ‘Birdman’

The majority of the movie—which Innaritu made to look like it was filmed in one shot—takes place in the claustrophobic St. James Theater. Riggan spends most of his time pacing back and forth throughout the building, attempting not to destroy anything or anyone in his path, all while fighting off the evil Birdman voice in […]

Conservatives Hate ‘Moochers’ More Than They Love Americans

And yes, I know Donald Trump bowed enough to political reality to sign an executive order over the weekend partially restoring the payments. But he lowered the amount to $400, which will adversely affect millions of people. And anyway, it’s just unconscionable that Congress let the payments expire in the first place. This is Congress’ […]