Ned Nwoko donates Mosque, says Islam is a religion of peace

The Star Prince of Anioma, Hon Ned Munir Nwoko who is the principal donor of the central mosque while addressing Muslim Faithfuls who were present at the worship centre, said he’s impressed with the numbers of worshippers that turned up massively to show their love for Allah.

Livestock production one of the fastest growing sectors: Ludhiana vet varsity V-C

In the webinar, the minister said that the field of agriculture is important and full of diversities. It is also special from the economic point of view, because large population of the country gets employment in agriculture sector. It is also the largest sector in terms of production, so discussions can be held with academics […]

India’s Covid outbreak is now the world’s fastest-growing

NEW DELHI: India now has the fastest-growing coronavirus caseload of any country in the world, reporting more than 75,000 new infections per day.Crowded cities, lockdown fatigue and a lack of contact tracing have spread Covid-19 to every corner of this country of 1.3 billion people. This week, the authorities said that one-sixth of a tiny […]

One of the fastest growing sports in the world has a new US pro league: Lacrosse

The PLL hosted its first All-Star game in Los Angeles at the season midpoint on July 21. In addition to the game of two line-ups with top players from every PLL team, players competed individually for a judges panel in skills challenges like fastest shot and a goalie challenge.

Swedish Police Investigating Overtly Anti-Semitic Chants During Islamic Riots

​Paludan initially intended to burn the Quran himself, invited by Swedish artist Dan Park, who is no stranger to controversy either and has been jailed and fined for his artwork, which he himself sees as critical social commentary. The torching was intended to take place in Rosengård, one of Malmö’s burgeoning ethnic enclaves, where the […]

5 Ways the Value of College Is Growing

Krugman is right that more school is no total panacea for our jobs crisis. But he’s wrong that college is losing its edge. The fact is that that the bonus from a college education for men and women has doubled since the 1970s. Although the costs of an advanced degree have never been higher, the […]

Saif Ali Khan: Islam is unpopular today

She also bought me a book called Politically Correct Nursery Rhymes. Someone from the media thought we are having a baby and that’s why Kareena gifted me these books. But at the moment, we are not planning to start a family as we both are busy with work.

True Muslims don’t engage in killings — Islamic cleric

Also read: 2019: NASFAT tasks politicians on good conduct, peaceful election Describing Islam as a religion of peace, the renowned Islamic preacher tasked Muslims on the need to always ensure peaceful coexistence in their communities regardless of religious differences.

Zayn Malik left One Direction over attacks on his Pakistani roots and Islamic faith?

Owing to his Pakistani origin and Islamic faith, the Pillow Talk crooner had always been susceptible to the bitter side of social media, despite being armored by four white boys and a massive fandom during his time in one of the most popular bands around the world.

In Iran, football, religion and politics often overlap

In 2006, Najafi released his documentary film Football Under Cover, which accompanies a female football player from Berlin on her journey to Tehran. In Iran, women are allowed to play football if they wear a headscarf, but they’re banned from watching football matches between male teams. To circumvent the rule, Iranian women have often tried […]